10 things to do during school break

by kath_red on 17/04/2012

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Are you on Spring break? Autumn school holidays? Yet? We have just started 2 weeks of school break and don’t have any particular plans. Going to just take it one day at a time. 

I printed out a copy of our Action Pack Magazines so that we have them on hand – the kids love to access these and just get creative whenever the mood strikes. It can be annoying for them and me if they have to wait for me to organise their activities for them. Letting them be creatively independent is so freeing for us all!

Here are ten things we will be doing these holidays:

  1. Bake a cake + probably some cookies too :: Download the recipe to make the Lavender and Lime Poppyseed Cake recipe. {From issue 2 of Action Pack magazine for kids}
  2. Go for a long family bike ride and picnic.
  3. Visit the Art Gallery or maybe the museum.
  4. Do a science experiment together :: Download the instructions to make a teabag rocket. {From issue 3 of the Action Pack. – or grab a copy of the Science edition of Action Pack}
  5. Get the craft box out and make something with recycled materials.
  6. Go to the park and play a game of soccer.
  7. Use the sidewalk chalk to draw on the pavement and play some sidewalk games. {Great chalk ideas in the Chalk + Cheese edition of Action Pack}
  8. Go for a walk in the mountains and make some ephemeral art {some great ideas in the Sticks + Stones edition of Action Pack}
  9. Make some origami boats and sail them in a stream ::  Download instructions to make a wax coated origami boat. {From issue 1 of the Action Pack}.
  10. Getting into the garden and doing some planting and pruning. {Some great ideas in the Seeds + Beads edition of Action Pack}
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For more kids craft, creative ideas and activities go to the Action Pack website

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1 Andrea Pes April 17, 2012 at 9:26 am

Very cool tips..!! I will try to get the craft box out and make something with recycled materials.


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