Instagram: The new way to photoblog

by kath_red on 20/04/2012

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Are you on Instagram yet? Instagram is an iphone app (now also available on android) – free to use – which just sold for 1 Billion to Facebook after only a year and half in business – wow! But what is it and why is it cool?

I use Instagram to connect with friends via photos – I take a photo of what I am doing, where I am, what I am making and I can post it up to an online photo feed where my followers can see, like and comment. It is instant which I love and you can fiddle around with the photo to add different effects and create a beautiful image – which makes it fun to use. It is pretty gimmick free and is very easy to use – I am not sure how this facebook buyout is going to affect it at all but lets hope it stays clean and simple.

There are many independent ways to view Instagram online – I use  followgram or webstagram – Here are a few more ways to view. These third party sites are compatible with Instagram and allow you to log in and view your friends feeds and share your photo album. One thing about Instagram that annoyed me a little was that every photo you take and save gets uploaded to your feed, which means you can’t just take a billion photos and then choose which one to upload. You do have the choice of making your feed private though.

Recently Hipstamatic – another excellent iphone/android photo app, which is more feature full and with more filters has become instagram friendly. So you can take plenty of images with Hipstamatic and then choose which ones you want to upload to Instagram. All sound a bit overwhelming? It is not in the slightest – you will need an iphone (or android phone – thanks readers for letting me know it is now available on android – yay!) though!

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