Life, my friends

by kath_red on 04/05/2012

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Change of seasons, change of pace. Planting the vegetable garden, jamming figs, roasting tomatoes and freezing stewed apples. Eating homemade granola with homemade yoghurt. Kids practicing their instruments: piano and guitar. Another birthday coming up next week – planning a cake and a special dinner. Tidying the yard, having an outdoor fire, a trip to the tip. Watching the ducks fattening up and the last old chook needing some friends — keeping me company. Sewing, baking and making. The weekly houseclean, the never ending laundry pile. Planning a weekend winter camping trip. Dinner with friends. Reading books. Life my friends.

Wonderful guest posts as part of whipup’s creativity series this week: Leisl blogging at jorth – Stitch by stitch, I healed :: Amy Palanjian – I did my best with what I had :: Christine Chitnis –  Take your creativity where you can find it.

Plus a guest post introducing a new sewing community Threadbias.

Some interesting links…

Reading and reviewing… on my book pile
  • The Story of English in 100 Words by David Crystal (Profile Books October 2011). :: Take 100 old english words and research them and tell stories about them — discover their beginnings and myriad of uses and meanings. Uncover their riddles and mysteries. From the earliest example of a written word (roe thanks to an archeological discovery) to the latest with a chronological selection in between. David Crystal uses words as ‘windows into the world of those who use them’. Fascinating read.
  • Quilts in the Attic: Uncovering the Hidden Stories of the Quilts We Love by Karen Musgrave (Voyageur Press February 2012). Well known quiltmakers share their stories of how their much loved old quilts came into their lives as they uncover the stories behind who made them they discover a love of quilts and quiltmaking.
  • Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters by Deborah Newton (Sixth &S pring Books October 2011). Deborah Newton puts her 25 years of knitwear designing to teach others the skills and secrets of her trade. For knitters who already have basic skills, this book will take your further and give your confidence to tackle interesting and unusual patterns and techniques.

[Thanks to publishers and distributors for sending me books to review, I don’t get paid to post reviews but I am an amazon affiliate] (Australians can purchase craft books online through can do books or booktopia or else browse booko for the best prices.)

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1 Natasha June 7, 2012 at 8:52 pm

In your templates for the quilt called community garden, the square pieces are 5.25 inches. Is this correct?
Just wondering since you call for 5 inch squares in the pattern description on page 67.


2 kath_red June 7, 2012 at 11:29 pm

yes they should be 5-inch square (charm square size)


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