Hurrah for women

by kath_red on 22/06/2012

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Lorraine from Ikat Bag sent me a lovely letter this week about the creativity series which I just had to share a snippet of with you all.

I am so, so awed by the guest posts in this series you’ve got on whip up. I mean, really, really awed … All the women you’ve invited to be part of your guest series are such rich personalities — and have such unique stories. Almost all of them relish running off the beaten path and into the great unknown, pioneering new territories … those stories moved me … Hurrah for women (and their men and children that put up with their madness)!

Hurrah for women indeed! To all of you wonderful people, readers, crafters, women (and men too), who go about their daily lives doing wonderful things, taking chances, raising children and living their lives in a meaningful purposeful way. Hurrah for all of you!

Some of the latest posts in this series of creativity: Cultivate an appreciation for the slow mastery of a craft from Katie at foxflat. :: Blair from wise craft gives us a preview of her crafting space and process :: Creativity requires risk and vulnerability from delia creates :: Memories made creating together from the family at Se7en + 1 :: Lara of Ink & Spindle steps outside the rat race :: Chawne from Completely Cauchy explains her creating process as mistakes becoming opportunities.

Action Pack Family cooking 2012 edition is out: Get your copy HERE.

  • In this issue there are 30 recipes – all tested and tasted by kid chefs – Orlando and Otilija.
  • Plus we have included a crafty how-to-sew a chef’s hat as well as a convenient printable recipe card section.
  • As well as this we have a included cooking essentials like how to separate eggs, make bread and butter and lots more besides.
  • Action Pack guide to family cooking is divided up into sections:breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, bread + butter, and dessert. And each recipe is rated ‘super easy’, ‘easy’, ‘medium’ or ‘bit harder’.
  • Plus there are baking tips, safety advice and a kitchen conversion chart.
Cooking is a great skill to have. If you can be confident in the kitchen, know how to use a knife safely and to be careful around boiling liquids and hot flames, then you are well on your way to becoming an independent and capable person in the kitchen and in life. This Action Pack: Family cooking, will help cooks of all ages to become confident in the kitchen.

Our whole family had such fun making this issue – lots of taste testing and experimenting in the kitchen, lots of yummy weekend lunches! Hope you enjoy and tell your friends!


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1 By Night June 22, 2012 at 5:46 am

she is so right! this guest series is fantastic. each story is so great and interesting. each guest is a fantastic person! Thank YOU, Kathreen for this amazing idea you had!


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