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by kath_red on 02/08/2012

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Guest series 2012: I asked fellow bloggers, makers and creators to write on their creativity and focus their essay on one of four topics: creativity and health, creativity and business, creativity and parenting or creativity and process. These wonderful fellow creative folk guest posted here at whipup.net during 2012.

I introduced the series here with a showcase of my creative space. {Browse the whole series here}. There were 57 participants in this series and it ran for 3 months – lots of fun – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.


Creativity and Health


Berber Vos blogs {blog} There is a spark of creativity in everyone

Maryanne {blog} Sewing with the flow

Nat {Blog} How craft gave me back my confidence

Lara Cameron {web} Step outside the rat race

Maize Hutton {blog} Healing through craft

Sayraphim Lothian {web} Crafting brings the joy {image above from this essay}

Heidi {blog} Crafting is my lifeboat

Colleen Babcock {blog} Four essential truths about my creative self

Leisl {blog} Stitch by stitch, I healed


Creativity and Business


Lisa Siebert {web} My business brings me fulfilment 

Weeks Ringle {blog} Never let a crisis go to waste

Laura Malek {web} Hobby turned business

Destri {blog} How my business became my hobby {image above from this essay}

Rachel Wolf {web} Manifesting your dreams

Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut {blog} Building a business, a book, and a life

Diane Gilleland {blog} Some straight talk on monetizing your craft blog


Creativity and Parenting


Abby Glassenberg {blog} The relationship between time and creativity 

Tania {blogNot a lot of serious

John Adams {blog} quilt + dad = a winning combination

Verity Heysen Kizek {blog} Time is precious

Molly Balint {blog} Creativity is the soul of motherhood

Becca {blog} Creativity is a word in every mothers dictionary

Delia {blog} Creativity requires risk and vulnerability

The family at {Se7en + 1} Memories made creating together

Joanie Gorman {blog} Creativity is naturally woven into our lives

Vanessa Lynch {blog} Creativity is contagious 

Maggie Brereton {blog} My children are my muses

Laura Bray {blog} Two pink lines

Ellen Luckett Baker {blog} Understand the value of creativity {image above from this essay}

Jo Ebisujima {blog} Creating for children

Lorraine {blog} The stream of inspiration runs both ways

Marcie {blog} Slowing down and connecting with each other

Abigail Doan {blog} Fiber art for families and the nomadic studio life

Amy Palanjian {blog} I did the best with what I had

Christine Chitnis {blog} Take your creativity where you can find it


Creativity and Process

Niamh O’Connor {blog} Finding time to fail

Lilly Blue and Jo Pollitt {web} Creativity and Coauthorship

Kay Gardiner {blog} Something from something

Jen {blog} Creating adds sparkle to my life

Erin Dollar {blog} Visual overload

Claire Dollan {blog} Snatching a little creativity here and there

Alissa Haight Carlton {blog} Creative process for designing a quilt

Anne Weil {blog} Dive in! Explore open ended creativity

Ann Shayne {blog} Self publishing, easy, hard and everything in between

Katie {blog} Cultivate an appreciation for the slow mastery of a craft

Blair Stocker {blog} My creative process always begins with my sketchbook

Chawne {blog} Mistakes become opportunities {image above from this essay}

Mollie Johanson {blog} It is as much about the process as it is about the product

Sophie {blog} The ultimate compliment

Devon Iott {blog} Connections to the past

Angel Funk and Jenny Bartoy {blog} Nature and the creative process

Khadija {blog} Doodling away the boredom

Kate Lilly {blog} A tiny (happy) corner of the web

Jodi Anderson {blog} Listen and watch

Tracey McNamee {blog} A failed attempt to control the chaos

Cam {blog} I am mostly a self taught creative type


{I really enjoyed this series and am planning on another one for 2013, if you would like to participate please shoot me an email kathreen[at]whipup.net}

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1 joanie August 2, 2012 at 7:46 pm

I loved reading all of these, what a wonderful series. Thanks Kathreen!


2 CurlyPops August 3, 2012 at 2:59 am

Such a great series. Thanks so much for the lovely opportunity to join in!


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