Right now I am …

by kath_red on 05/09/2012

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Right now I am …

Enjoying spring weather walking, hanging sheets on the line, and thinking about a spring cleaning the yard.

Planning one last pine forest walk to fetch one last batch of pine cones for the fire.

Discussing, planning and getting excited about our very big next year project.

Changing the quilts around on the beds.

Reading, crocheting, baking, walking … thinking about swimming.

Thinking it is time to get back into the craft room, I have had a long enough hiatus from quilts.

Editing a new series for whipup – a knitting designer series – am very excited and I know you will enjoy it.

Sad and annoyed about those damn crows stealing all the eggs that our duck was sitting on, thinking about what to do about it and not feeling very optimistic – rather grimly realistic about the lesson we have been taught about nature.

Pining for the days when my kiddos were babies, these pre-teen / teen years are [going to be] a trial.

Baking old fashioned cakes

Meanwhile on whipup recently

My latest Pinterest finds and faves

  •  This embroidered linen neckline
  • This Blueberry slump
  • This tapioca pudding
  • This pattern for sewing slippers
  • This Eco Keyhole garden
  • This  [father son project] match rocket
  • These dreamcatchers
  • This tunic dress
  • This knitted wrist warmer pattern
  • This wonderful elephant photograph


oh and one more thing – do you know of anyone looking for a house in Canberra (Australia) next year – academics on sabbatical for example? Our listing is here.

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1 Maja Kirstine September 5, 2012 at 2:13 pm

I love the idea of “Right now I am…..”
I did the same thing on my blog, I hope that is ok – thanks for the inspiration…


2 Deepa September 6, 2012 at 5:53 pm

A knitting designer series! Ooh, can’t wait. :)

So interesting to think that it is early spring for you down under, and here our summer is winding down. I empathize with your grim thoughts about nature. This summer my “sunflower fort” was eaten by squirrels before it could germinate, and Japanese beetles infested my roses. I am fighting the latter with nematodes and plan to fight the former with either cheesecloth or indoor germination in eggshells (next spring). You’ll find a way too, Kathreen…after all, we are part of nature too!

Whip Up is always a bright spot in my day. Thanks.


3 nathalie carles September 15, 2012 at 2:33 am

I love receiving your newsletter, it is always a joy for me. So many interesting things
to read to see, frankly it is fabulous. So thank you for all your work!!!
By the way I loooove the quilt on your (is it yours?) just above, did you make it?


4 kath_red September 16, 2012 at 8:30 pm

Hi Nathalie
Yes the quilt is on my bed and yes I did make it. I made it quite a few years ago – it was one of my early efforts, scraps improv pieced together in rows, then rows trimmed and pieced together. The concept is a simple one but what I think make this quilt work is the colours – I chose all warm colours – shades of brown, ochre, dusty pinks and olive greens.
thank you for reading whipup
xx K


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