A bit of pumpkin anyone?

by kath_red on 25/10/2012

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I live in Australia. We don’t do Halloween here – although maybe some of the commercial aspects. Did you know that the turnip was originally a symbol of Halloween – but now it is the pumpkin – because of its size and ease of carving. You can read more about Halloween here.

Every day in the weeks leading up to Halloween I have found a few pumpkin related recipes and craft ideas in my Pinterest feed – so I thought I would have a bit of a pumpkin celebration post here – I love pumpkin (there are a couple of recipes here that I want to try – I tend to be more of a pumpkin savoury recipe sort of person – I love roast pumpkin – that is my fave!).

Image from here

Pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin decoration

Knitting Designer series [link to whole series HERE]

Our knitting designer series continues …

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