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by kath_red on 27/12/2012

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A tent in our kitchen — everyone should have one!
  • Thinking about friends and all the things I will miss by being away for a whole year.
  • Urging myself to get organised. I have written copious lists, lists for camping, lists for renting our house, lists for packing our things, lists for homeschooling and traveling and budgeting … lists, lists, lists.
  • Contemplating what was for us a simple Christmas celebration … games, family and good food. Marred only by a migraine.
  • Thankful I can now safely pack away the Christmas tree and decorations. I am really in clean up, get rid of stuff, tidying mode.
  • Wanting this packing and cleaning process to be over already, so I can get onto the planning phase of our trip. I really want to get stuck into reading my new camping guide to Australia.
  • Dying to play with my new Christmas toy — a gorilla tripod — I need an iphone sized one now too.
  • Looking at a pile of paperwork to sort and file and do stuff with. Thankful though that I have completed my tax, and hoping with my new budget / money management app that I won’t have such a headache come tax time next year.
  • Enjoying watching season 10 of Project Runway with the kids. Better late than never. I missed season 9 and thinking we should watch that now too.
  • Wondering what to do with my stash of egg cartons. I can’t bear to throw them away for some strange reason. To the recycling centre we go.
  • Feeling quite proud about cleared out closets and bathroom cabinets. Empty bookshelves and kitchen cupboards. Boxes are filling up the shed.
  • Remembering another proud moment when the kids made the Christmas Pavlova due to my Christmas migraine. Such great kids.
  • Pushing down waves of overwhelming stress about this whole packing for a year thing. What on earth were/are we thinking … oh yeah thats right — family togetherness, adventure, creating amazing memories and relationships as a family, travel and excitement, swimming at the beach, fishing every day, reading lots of books in a hammock under a tree, climbing mountains and gazing at the stars, building sand castles and making land art, cooking out of doors and learning so much from each other. Can’t wait to get started!

What are your plans for 2013?

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