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by Jules on 21/01/2013

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Reviewed by Julie : Julie is a slightly unhinged fabric junkie! She is stitching and crafting obsessed as well as being addicted to tea and cake. She is a work at home Mumma to three beautiful little girls and blogs at procrasticraft.


Knot Thread Stitch: Exploring Creativity through Embroidery and Mixed Media by Lisa Solomon has been sitting on my desk for sometime and now that I have finally picked it up, I am annoyed at myself for not looking at it sooner!  Lisa has a BA in Art Practice and her extensive experience as a practicing artist is evident throughout the beautifully presented pages.


The book is divided into three chapters: “Let’s Start”, “Make Stuff” and “Find Inspiration”. Let’s Start discusses methods, thread, tools and fabric. As an inexperienced embroiderer, I found the section on thread to be extremely helpful. Lisa discusses the different types of thread on the market as well what it is made from and how it will work up and look. She also provides helpful advice on how to use threads in lengths, tips on knots and dividing strands (helpful to me as I always seem to end up with a tangled mess!).

In “Make Stuff”, there are 17 different projects with patterns and directions however, the interesting element for me, is the way the author has collaborated with other artists to showcase other interpretations of her ideas and designs. In particular, the “Children as Muses” project is a tote bag pattern but when given to artist Amy Karol, it becomes wall art in the form of a quilted portrait. I have previously embroidered my children’s artwork and this was a good reminder to me to get some out and get stitching. In the end, I made a makeup pouch with a drawing by my six year old – as I said, all the patterns are open to (and encouraged to be) your own interpretations.

Chapter Three : “Find Inspiration” provides pictures of other artists work and Lisa comments on the inspiration she has found in each of those works. I like that the author is sharing her thoughts and allowing the reader to get ideas on where they too, may find inspiration in the world around them.

In summing up, this is my kinda book. I’ve written in this space before about my love of craft books that are inspiring without being directive and how I prefer to use books as inspiration rather than as instruction manuals. Knot Thread Stitch has the perfect example of being inspiring and encouraging as well as providing great information on technique. I’m off to stitch up a storm!

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1 Suzanne January 21, 2013 at 9:41 am

I’m off to look at this book on amazon. thanks for the review.


2 rebecca January 23, 2013 at 7:21 am

great review! Embroidery has caught my attention lately, so it is nice to have a book recommendation.


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