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by kath_red on 08/02/2013

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windy day

  • Enjoying the amazing weather. No rain, wind or tears. Sunny blue blue blue skies, green water and soft grey pebbly beach. The water is calm as are tempers.
  • Reading Sherri S Tepper books — first Grass and now The Margarets. Complex and interesting characters — science fiction but concentrating on the people and the environment rather than on technology — I like that.
  • Listening to the crazy noisy bird life — Cockatoos and Galas.
  • Observing the people — fellow campers are an interesting mixed bunch of people. Grey nomads, young couples in love with tiny tents and a hippy van, lots of people traveling with dogs, one couple have 3 dogs and a parrot in a cage — the woman as the most amazing long silvery grey hair. Another couple travelling with their 21 year old son and hoping he will find some happiness (and maybe a job and a girlfriend) along the way — they sold their house and plan to spend 10 years on the road. A family of 5 in a swiss army style caravan (lots of gadgets and nifty nooks that fold out and fold back again). Another homeschooling family with 3 kids and a giant vintage caravan.
  • Giving in to my craving for black jelly beans.
  • Finishing up this post while the family wait for me to go for an afternoon swim.
  • Enjoying spending quality and quantity time with the kids.
  • Repeating the words — Tolerance and Respect over and over and over (our new family mantra this trip).
  • Working on my book and some crafty projects and taking lots of photos.
  • Finishing up the editing for the next Action Pack — a great one with a focus on Water related projects

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1 Lisa February 8, 2013 at 11:35 am

I find your description of your fellow campers really fascinating… maybe you should write a memoir about your travels and fellow travelers..?


2 kath_red February 9, 2013 at 7:03 pm

Thanks. Certainly there is plenty of inspiration.


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