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by Jules on 29/04/2013

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Reviewed by :: Julie is a slightly unhinged fabric junkie! She is stitching and crafting obsessed as well as being addicted to tea and cake. She is a work at home Mumma to three energetic little girls and blogs at procrasticraft.

Julie reviews Handknit Your Home by Melanie Porter, published by CICO Books (March 14, 2013).

Hand-knit home basket

Handknit Your Home arrived in the post and I couldn’t wait to get inside and sit down for a browse. The cover grabs my attention straight up with objects that are both beautiful and functional in just the right colours for this house full of girls. The author, Melanie Porter spent a decade working as a knitwear designer for fashion brands before turning her expertise and creativity to furniture design five years ago. By using fresh combinations of patterns, she restores furniture sourced at auctions and markets and creates unique modern objects for the home.

hand-knit home honeycomb

This book is full of colour and texture, both of which appeal to me. The texture in particular takes my fancy, I’m a tactile person and that is one of the reasons I love yarn so much in furnishings, I am comforted by the very feel of knitted objects. The author uses many different patterns throughout the pages to give texture and colour to items that will lift the spirits of any home.

The techniques section contains clear instructions and the patterns are well written and easy to follow (even for this inexperienced knitter). Containing thirty designs in warm, cool and neutral colour ways and with many varying patterns and textures, this is a gorgeous book.

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