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by kath_red on 30/04/2013

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Have you been enjoying the series this month on Functional Creativity? Shelter and Clothe are the latest additions :: with a tutorial on giving new life to old clothes and the Handmakers factory fitting in really well to this month’s theme too! Also this week a new reviewer at Whipup reviewed Textured Stitches.

Next month we have a new theme and a new set of guest edited posts — very excited as there are lots of resources for starting up your creative business.

creative inspiration

Some crafty links :: Anne emailed in a cute tutorial for a knitted rose :: Check out this photographic granny duvet cover — uhm what do you think? :: Make a craft apron :: Yoghurt panna cotta — yum! :: Gotta make some boy suspenders :: A list of cool craft blogs :: Goat cheese and chive biscuits (uhm scones in the UK and Aus) :: Weave a living basket :: Cultivating creativity in kids.

With Google reader about to close up shop forever i have been looking at alternatives :: Feedly seems like the forerunner I’ve signed up and it is nice to use — you can import your google reader account very easily too) :: Pulse is another one.

What’s up with me ? …

As many of you probably know or have guessed — I am travelling with my family on a year long camping trip around Australia. It has its ups and downs. I have learned a few things :: Change is good. Homeschooling is hard. Kids are stubborn. Cooking over the fire is fantastic. Sunsets over the ocean are bliss. Country town libraries and laundromats are an amazing resource. Don’t trust your husband with the keys — but do trust him with driving. Homemade ice cream and cake is the best.

Don’t you just love that pic of the house above — creative inspiration for sure!


During most of 2013, Whipup.net will hosting a monthly mini-series, each month edited by different crafters and designers. Enjoy! :: April is Functional Creativity.

DO get in touch if you are interested in writing a guest post for whipup this year! Send me a short email with your idea Kathreen {at} whipup.net



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1 Deepa April 30, 2013 at 5:03 pm

Oh, that photographic granny square blanket is SO wrong. I’m not sure who the target audience for it would be…people who like granny squares but didn’t inherit something from their grandma, and yet don’t like granny squares enough to whip up a few? This has to be a single digit demographic, in my opinion.

Love all the links, as usual. And I am somewhat jealous and yet also intimidated by the prospect of a year long camping trip.

I love your blog but can’t think of a novel guest post idea. Indian embroidery techniques/textile traditions maybe? I have some clothes and decor around the house that I could use as examples.


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