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by kath_red on 10/05/2013

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Amy Palanjian has recently published a book with Chronicle books — called So Pretty Felt. She joins us here to chat about the book — just for fun I asked her what her five fave tools are and a bit about her working from home process — to keep with the theme this month of useful creative biz info — What are your fave tools?

What’s your crafting from home process?

I am primarily a quilter and a sewer and I do the vast majority of my stitching in the evenings after my 11 month old goes to bed. I’ve never gotten along too well with my sewing machine, so I can take my sewing with me wherever it’s convenient, though in all honesty I do most of it on the couch. In the past year I’ve made 6 baby quilts and one wedding quilt—I’ve gotten a lot faster over the years…it used to take me a whole year to do one quilt!

Professionally, I work as a writer, editor, and maker, so I’m often in my basement making things for work. Lately, there’s been an explosion of all things holiday (glitter, pipe cleaners, tinsel, etc.) as I’ve been working on holiday craft projects.

What are your five favorite craft tools and products?

  1. Coats & Clark Button & Craft thread: This is the thread that I use for all of my hand stitching. I learned about it from the women ofAlabama Chanin, who are known for their hand stitching when I worked with them to make my wedding dress and I’ve never gone back. It’s thick, strong, and feels really great to work with. I always have white, cream, and gray thread on hand. 
  2. Gingher 4 inch scissors: These little fabric scissors are my go-to quilting snips. They are small, sharp, and ideal for keeping on the arm of my couch by my current quilting project.
  3. Steam-a-Seam Fusible Web: To make thin fabric stronger, for applique, or simply to fuse one fabric to another, I love this product. Recently, I had to make the rounds at all of my local craft stores to find it since a 4-H club had bought it out—I’m forever more buying twice as much as I need so I’ll always have it on hand!
  4. 100% Wool Felt: I love felt (shocking, I know!) and I like to have an assortment on hand. Finding high quality wool felt is becoming easier than it was just a few years ago, but Felt on the Fly and Purl Soho generally have good selections.. 
  5. Embroidery Floss: This is a basic supply that I find myself using more and more these days. It’s easy to stitch with because it’s so thick and it looks great on fabric, felt, and even paper. I like the color options from DMC.

Anything else you’d like to share about the book?

I had such a wonderful time working with the 12 women that are featured in the book and getting to know them and their creative processes were a real inspiration to me. I hope that translates into the book and that readers will feel the urge to create and find their own creative energy as well.

Apologies for being late with this — a storm affected my internet — the vagaries of online work!

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