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by Jules on 26/06/2013

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During most of 2013, will be hosting a monthly mini-series, each month edited by different crafters and designers. Enjoy!

The theme for this month is Make It Local :: with Alexandra Smith of Lola Nova.

I feel incredibly fortunate to love where I live. There is so much here that inspires me and influences what and how I make.  Part of that process comes from being a blogger and taking pictures.  I am by no means a “Photographer,” I am just a woman with a camera who enjoys taking photos. When I started blogging and reading more blogs, I was truly in awe of some of the beautiful photos I found on the internet. It rekindled an old flame, photography. I set about improving my skills, which meant taking a whole heck of a lot of pictures. There is no shortage of subject matter out there. I started by taking walks in my neighborhood and capturing things that caught my eye. Then, every outing meant bringing my camera along and noting my environment; shapes, textures, colors and patterns sprung up everywhere I looked.


I started to see things differently. Everyday ordinary objects took on new beauty and interest. As I would go through my photographs, I would see them again in yet another light.  After a while I started to see a connection between my pictures and the projects I was working on. The colors and patterns of seasons would make their way into my making.



Winter Barberry some gray and red stitching




A riot of spring flowers and some colorful quilting

Small moments, little vignettes, places just down the street were captured by my camera and somehow made their way into my making. Even my backyard became full of inspiration.

4 4a

A gorgeous little caravan and some fabric printing

5 5a

My little red hen Fran and her cohorts have played muse to me many times

Often when I find myself stuck, when I feel I have run out of ideas, I grab my camera and take a walk. It allows me to get out in the fresh air, clear my head and have a good look around. I always, always come back with a number of pictures that get me pondering. Sometimes I do not even realize until much later how much my environment really affects me and what I’m working on.



This picture has me thinking about making something right now- love those colors!


And of course going hyper-local, my favorite subject is a constant source of inspiration.

So why not give it a try? Take your camera out and capture whatever interests you. Your photos don’t have to be perfect; it’s all about seeing things differently, noticing the colors, shapes, and patterns of your surroundings. Make it Local in pictures! I bet that wherever you live, there is no end to what can inspire you.

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1 Sarah June 27, 2013 at 9:06 am

Wow, that grey and red really caught my eye. Thanks for sharing these pieces of inspiration – off to find my own!


2 Lisa July 1, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Sweet post. I am just in love with where I live (Western Oregon) and find so much beauty in the everyday and the seasons. It is a great way to “see” things. :)


3 Sherri B. July 1, 2013 at 5:47 pm

This brings back to mind, the time, several years ago, when you encouraged your readers to take a photo challenge. I can’t remember the exact guide lines but do remember that we had to do something like 10 shots in 10 minutes…It was fun and so interesting to see things in a different way through the lens. Thanks for that then and for the reminder now.


4 Daisy Jones July 2, 2013 at 10:33 am

wow how super duper are you at takingthose gorgeous images….I’m off out with my camera right now…..I’m taking it on the school run!!!
love to you….d x


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