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by KateG on 05/10/2013

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We are continuing to celebrate alongside the Stash Books Legacy Blog Tour for Brave New Quilts by Whipup founder Kathreen Ricketson.

The tour post for today is by Alexandra Smith of  Lola Nova.  She writes about the book, and about the support and friendship she shared with Kathreen.

Kathreen’s legacy is huge and far reaching. From my first introduction to her via her trailblazing website WhipUp, to her brilliant kid’s magazine ActionPack, through her books and all of her endeavors; I have admired her talent, her love for her family, her intelligence and her amazingly generous spirit. She encouraged me greatly when I was working on my own book. She treated me with great respect and made me laugh. She is one of the people through whom I have made friends from all over the art/crafting/making community and have been more inspired and courageous than I ever could have imagined.

We will be following each post on the Legacy Tour as some of Kathreen’s friends and admirers share their thoughts over the next couple of weeks.

Monday 10/7 : Sonya Philip
Tuesday 10/8 : Ellen Luckett Baker
Wednesday 10/9 : Andrea Jenkins
Thursday 10/10 : Shannon Cook
Friday 10/11 : Mimi Kirchner
Monday 10/14 : Cheryl Arkison

Whipup is also proud to be featuring some guest posts from crafters who knew and admired the work of Kathreen.

You can keep track of the Legacy Tour by following the hashtag #LegacyTour on social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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