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by artesprit on 16/01/2008

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artstream gallery – both an online and bricks and mortar gallery – is hosting an exhibition called Lovely Hearts 2. Last year the exhibit drew artists and crafters from all over the world to raise money for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The artists may donate or retain 50% of the sale. There is still a week to get your entries in for the show. All work, small in size (up to 10x10x10 inches) and priced at $100 usd or less are eligible. Emphasis is on all aspects of love as the theme and all media is greatly encouraged. More info at artstream.

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heather smith jones
I received some beautiful felt ornaments this year – including the one above from very talented Heather Smith Jones. I decided to hunt around for a hand sewing felt tutorial and voila! Over at futuregirl, she explains the mystery. Seems simple enough to do, but sometimes I feel challenged with hand sewing so something this clear is truly wonderful. And it’s never too early to get started on the next season’s goodies.


jodi green

Jodi Green is documenting her brilliant MFA thesis work here at her blog and at her flickr. The fact that she is making all her own clothes and printing the fabric is pretty cool to begin with, but the icing on the cake is her plan to not wear the same thing twice.

“This project started as a way of questioning the value of the hand work put into textiles for the body and the home in comparison with my “real” work in the studio, and the lack of value that my many efforts in textiles and knitwear design had in the context of my candidacy for a Master of Fine Arts degree. This questioning led me to strive to unify my studio work and my work in fashion by not only wearing my prints (as a uniform, or as a costume) every day, but to allow my handwork to be destroyed, if necessary, by my printmaking, and to document that process of destruction. To this end I am printing on fabrics, sewing clothes from those fabrics, then printing on the clothes, wearing each garment only once before altering it again. When the weather turns colder I will make sweaters, inking them up and printing from them and continuing to wear them; my clothes will become the printing matrix as well as the printing surface. The printmaking inks will not hold up to repeated washings, so the normal wear and tear that clothing endures will lead to the destruction of the printing at the same time that the printing is bringing about the destruction of the clothes.”

jodi green dress



Over at Be*mused today I found that Jan had done some amazing work repairing a beloved blankie belonging to her niece. It became a bit of a tutorial with some good photos and lots of tips on how to do it right. A little late for my children’s beloveds, but perhaps, not yours?

repaired blankie


ashley g

Yesterday I posted an interview podcast at artesprit that I did with Ashley G from Kitty Genius. She shares some of her insight into making art as a living through her experiences at etsy and galleries. She has been one of the top sellers at etsy and in galleries around the USA.