Next Saturday it’s world-wide-knit-in-public-day (w.w.k.i.p. day) Hundreds – or thousands – of knitters will meet to knit, talk, exchange ideas, information and inspiration and you’re hereby invited! Please, go and check out here – and hopefully you´ll find a meeting place in the neighbourhood.

If you happen to live in Denmark – near Århus – I’d like to invite you to come and join my little gathering from 13 – 16 at the Århus Music House.

If it’s summer like and the sun shines we’ll be knitting outside at the lawn/ in the small park and you’re encouraged to bring your tea, lunch and knitting gear. If the weather turns out to be bad we’ll meet inside at the Balcony Gallery. Inside is also a nice café where you can buy coffee, lunch etc. in case you haven’t brought your own along…

By the way, as I’m not a knitting fundamentalist all sorts of textile crafts are welcome, so feel free to show up even though you prefer crotchet to knitting…

See you 9th June!


A call for collages

by hanne on 26/05/2007

in Art+Design


As a lot of us are seriously working in a cross over field between arts and crafts, mixed media, clip art, journaling, collage making, whatever, I’d like to, please, draw your attention to the 4th International Collage Exhibition Vilnius 2008. 

Deadline for submission of works is June 22 – in less than one month. The theme is: “Every night the same”. What that means is entirely up to your interpretation. You are welcomed to send 2 collages, any dimensions are accepted – there’s no size limit. However, the exhibition is censored; works will have to pass a jury. Participating fee is 50 euro or 65 USD and the exhibition will take place in Gallery Arka  – a very central and highly estimated gallery in Vilnius in April 2008. 

I know the gallery as well as the organizer and curator of the exhibition as I have been in

Vilnius three times before to attend the collage exhibition as well as the exhibition of Artists´ Books. Last year I was even invited to make a personal exhibition at Gallery Arka. It was the reward that followed a Main Prize I was nominated for. I´m still most grateful for the honour, the interest for my work – and for the very experience. Now I hope to hear some of you report back here or at my blog that you´ve decided to give it a go!

Application forms and further information see: www.bokartas.lt 

More photoes from

Vilnius: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matthiesen/sets/72157594413308445/ 

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Look what I created last week: homemade jiffy pots made out of 100% recycled paper.

I needed some little pots for pre-sprouting and as I´m not very found of thee little green plastic ones from the super market I started experimenting with newspaper by wrapping some newspaper around this “thing”. I really don’t know what it’s called in English – it’s not to find in my dictionary. However, it’s a kitchen tool – a zinc cylinder with a hole in the bottom and a wooden part that fit’s into the cylinder. Traditionally used for making balls or dumplings for the soup – and to form dough into vanilla cookies. But now it’s also a gardener’s tool!

Anyway, this is what how to do it, it´s very simple: You wrap the paper around the wooden part, sprinkle the paper with water, squeezed it a little, removed the “thing” – and voila: a nice little jiffy pot for pre-sprouting made out of 100 % recycled materials!

And the recycling goes on: so one day when your pre-sprouted plants are ready to set out, you just dig a whole in the soil and place your plant, jiffy pot included. Don’t bother to remove the pot – the roots of the plant will easily penetrate the paper, and at the same time the paper will disintegrate and vanish into the soil.



May I introduce to you: Somerset Life, a brand new publication from StampingtonThe inaugural issue’s out now these days.


A very inspirational issue loaded with impressive photos and reports on how to infuse your daily life with simple pleasures, art, romance, creativity and beauty. The superior idea is to make every day extraordinary!

I’ve been especially curious to see the first chapter focusing on creative blogging because I was invited to tell about my blog Heaven & Earth – together with Corey Amaro´s Tongue in Cheek and Michelle Ward´s It’s my site – and it is always extra exciting to see how things work out when you’re personally involved…


Maybe you’d like to try? Somerset Life is actually seeking submissions for future issues. They have some general themes:

Discovering: Creative blogs, flea markets findings, etc.

Creating: Artistic touches and ideas for letter writing, special celebration banners and other decorations for family traditions etc.

Giving: Ways to present gifts to celebrate friendships, birthdays etc.

Getting Together: Ideas for setting the perfect table, packing the perfect picnic, elevating the ordinary brown bag lunch, creating projects to celebrate the joys of childhood, and more.

Decorating: Pretty touches to interior living, embellishing your furniture and surroundings, etc


I suggest you check out their Writers’ Submission Guidelines and go for it – it´s a great challenge!



Yesterday I got the loveliest little book featuring the work of Julie Arkell, a British mixed media artist who creates these funny, humorous and sort of naïve dolls, creatures and objects out of humble materials such as papier-mâché, fabric, yarn and haberdashery.


The book also offers you glimpses of Julie Arkell´s studio where she – as an inveterate collector of discarded toys, textiles and ephemera – works with stuff that’s worn, torn, used and read. And as you can probably guess – her shelves are a wonderful mixture of storage and display a great source of inspiration!