The Art Of Wooing, a new book described by author Kaz Brecher as a mixed media art and poetry book with a story told through email exchange”, is totally original and exciting! Kaz has created this beautifully illustrated book all about (you guessed it) the art of wooing, and everything that that entails. An autobiography of sorts, the artwork and poems illustrate the ups and downs of an 18 month long relationship Kaz had with her kickboxing instructor.

Many people use artistic expression and journaling as an outlet to help keep themselves focused and anchored. This book a fabulous example of just how effective a practice it can be! The book is self-published and available exclusively through the website.

(This Thursday evening, 2/28, there will be a book release party in Los Angeles at Fresh Pressed. Come meet Kaz and pick up a copy of the book for yourself!)


When I was a little girl I loved doing crafty projects with end results that I could be proud of. I was no stranger to tie-dyeing my own tees, papier-maché, making kaleidoscopes out of toilet paper rolls, you name it! There is a fab new book from Black Dog Publishing called Making Stuff for Kids by Victoria Woodcock, Ziggy Hanaor & Safiya Waley which is jam packed with art projects for the whole family! The book is broken down by age, beginning at 3, making it easy to find appropriate activities for all the members of the family! There are new versions of projects that you no doubt did, which I think is really exciting and brings a nostalgic twist to crafting with your kids! There are projects ranging from utilitarian (Pinboard Wizard, pg 116.) to just plain silly and fun (Totally Tutu, pg. 104). Each project includes easy to follow patterns and instructions to make the day go smoothly! You will only have to worry about having too much fun!

What I think is a great added bonus to this book, is the “How To . . .” section in the beginning defining all different forms of fabric crafts, including Applique, Knitting and Felting, with step by step instructions. There are even pages dedicated to easy and popular sewing stitches. I certainly learned a few things while perusing the pages, and cant wait to share this book with my niece!


photos courtesy of Creature Comforts

I was so excited to have found this great post over at Creature Comforts! EZ has a posted a tutorial, complete with downloadable PDFs and illustrated directions, for creating a personalized candy bar wrapper for the one you love! You could easily print a secret message on the inside of the wrapper, for your Valentines eyes only! Think of it as your very own golden ticket! ;)


Felt Club XL Hoiday Event!

If you live in and around Los Angeles, and love handmade wares, then I am sure you are no stranger to the Felt Club! Tomorrow, Nov. 18th, is the XL Holiday show! There will be 70+ vendors, 2 tents hosting fun (and free) classes, live DJs and lots of raffle prizes! This season FC has teamed up with Make Magazine, the organizers behind the Maker Faire, to bring a Maker Square to the event! Now, Felt Club truly has something for EVERYONE!

Be sure to get there early to snag one of the 250 swag bags, but beware, these puppies are usually all snatched up in the first 7 minutes! Happy Shopping!!!


The fabulous ladies behind one of the greatest kid-centric blogs, Cool Mom Picks, have filmed a series of segments showcasing some of their favorite handmade and organic kiddie finds for Alpha Mom TV. The ladies have taken great pains to showcase indie businesses run by individuals from around the world, especially moms and dads! The thoughtful product choices will inspire all households to think a little greener and focus more on the fun, and less on the blinking lights and crazy trends that a lot of parents find themselves surrounded by. You can’t help but be in awe of all of the creative items that any adult would love to play with, let alone any child!

You can see the whole range of videos here. There are nine in all with a new one being released each day! Oh, and if you are in the US, these awesome segments will soon be airing on Cox and Comcast Digital cable networks nationwide via Alpha Mom On Demand!

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