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electric origami

by admin on 06/04/2008

in Art+Design

A DIY LED-lit cube / paper lantern:  a translucent and flexible thin-film electronic circuit hooks up a battery to an LED, limber enough to be folded into an origami box. [link evil mad scientist]



forum: discussion

by admin on 06/04/2008

in Admin

There is a definite revival of DIY in our culture. It’s interesting a question as to how this all started. My belief is that it parallels the last revivial of DIY spirit in the 1970s. At that time as well as today people felt disconnected, isolated, and desperate. People struggle to be heard especially in relationship to war and a repressive government. Art making of any kind is therapuetic and it restores our sense of empowerment. The DIY movement has been sparked by several different, maybe complimentary reasons:

  • the need for individuals to have an outlet.
  • the need to form community.
  • the need to access ones independence as a reflection of the ill equipped nature of the state.
  • the need to invest in the self.
  • the need for revolution.
  • the need for economic independence.

The nature of the DIY movement is thus to satisfy the retaliatory nature that arises when one feels repressed, isolated, and lacking the independence that every individual has a right to.

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forum: discussion

by admin on 02/04/2008

in Admin

I was curious as to what you guys think, but does it seem like crafting/ homemade projects are more popular lately than they have been in years? For example, I’m in my early twenties, and everyone around me (that is also in their twenties) is knitting! (okay, some are croqueting…)[crocheting] Men and women alike.

I wanted to hear some feedback on this. Why do you think it’s having it’s own… renaissance… if you will. I’m more interested in knitting, since it’s something that i usually associate with my grandmother and pregnant aunts (no offense!!) but really, overall, I’m intrigued. I’d love to hear what you have to say, or if you know any good articles that are related.

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A knitted blanket for the home is so versatile – can add colour and texture to your decor, comfort and warmth for your loved ones. Make is a couch throw, a baby rug, an afghan, a lap blanket.

Here are some fabulous online patterns.

Pinwheel blanket [pattern link] [whipup link how-to] [image from persinable on flickr via ravelry]


Lizard ridge afghan [pattern link –]


Moderne baby blanket from mason and dixon [online pdf link] [image from homemade original flickr via ravelry]


Tiramisu Baby Blanket [online pattern from Alicia Paulson]


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