Sydney Quilt Show 2008

by rooruu on 07/07/2008

in Quilting

With entries from local, interstate and overseas quilters, the Quilters’ Guild of NSW’s annual show showcases an amazing array of quilting talent. View this year’s winners here.

Best in Show is Wheelflower Medallion by Merelyn Pearce, which is inspired by the art of Margaret Preston.

The menu line across the top of the page leads you to galleries of winners in each section.

The Guild has requested that the images on their site not be reposted elsewhere, so thus there is no image here – but plenty for you to enjoy on their website.


design your own logo

by rooruu on 14/01/2008

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Graphic designer David Butler has an article on designing your own logo here.

New Vintage Type book

If you’re after inspiration for typefaces/fonts/lettering, the printpattern blog had a heads up on a new book, New Vintage Type. It’s available from Amazon UK or US, or I’m sure at your local independent bookshop.

If you haven’t looked through the archives at printpattern before, treat yourself. She finds, and shares, the most wonderful range of ideas and covers so many designers’ work.


If you happen to have some old books that you’ve finished with (or if you haven’t, any white elephant stall/ thrift shop/ op shop/Goodwill has Plenty!) then there’s a list of links for using them as craft materials on the Bookshop Blog here. Embroidery, journals, sculpture, stash boxes and more. If you’re in the summer holidays of the southern hemisphere right now, this could be an inexpensive and entertaining holiday craft activity.

Recycled clock by recycleeh at etsy

Alternatively, maybe you’d like to buy a book made into a clock. This is from recycleeh at etsy.


Six Kens you've never seen before

Six unique Kens

No No, don’t stop reading and say, “I don’t do Barbies…”

I won’t retell the whole story here, but if you click on this link, you’ll get it in full. It’s one of the funniest, most delightful crafting things I’ve seen in a long time – six teenage boys, the power of sewing and great amusement. Maybe it’s got potential for one of your children’s favourite teachers? (I know the school year’s just started in the northern hemisphere, but it’s coming to an end, with a term to go, here in Oz).


Greengrocer mosaic

Greengrocer mosaic by Ruth Buchanan

If you’re stuck for colour inspiration, try wandering the aisles of a greengrocer’s shop and really look to see the colour combinations. It’s so simple to resort to assumptions, and inspiring to see how colours really go together (let alone textures). The variety of subtle browns and creams in taro root. The colour run from creamy yellow to pinky red on white cherries. The suffragette brilliance of beetroot. The sheer variety in polyanthus (that one’s pretty seasonal, but worth looking forward to). Take some photos, to help you see, and try them in the palette generator.

I put photos together for the mosaic above with fd’s flickr toys mosaic generator from one midwinter visit to a favourite (well lit!) greengrocer’s.

If you have other suggestions for colour palettes and inspirations, by all means share them in the comments. How do you arrive at the colour combinations you use in your craftwork?