Do you ever feel like there’s just something not right in your kitchen? Like something is missing? Perhaps it’s because your dish soap is naked! But you can correct that problem right away, thanks to this fabulous pattern for dish soap aprons at supereggplant. So cute, and they really are functional, to keep your dish soap bottle from getting all drippy and sticky.



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There have been several mentions of podcasts on whip-up lately, but I just finished listening to the great CraftyPod/Craftsanity podcasts about podcasting, and thought they deserved some more time in the sun.

For those of you who don’t know what a podcast is yet and are too shy to ask, check out the wikipedia entry. Basically, podcasts are like little radio shows that you can make using your own computer on whatever topic interests you, and post it online for others to listen to. You don’t need an ipod or anything fancy to listen to podcasts, you can listen to them on your regular ol’computer, like I do. Craft related podcasts often include great interviews with crafty people, instructions on making things, general advice and resources, as well as plenty of inspirational ideas.

In episode 14 of Craftsanity and episode 24 of Craftypod, the two ladies behind these great podcasts, Sister Diane and Jennifer, had a discussion about why they podcast, how they got started, and what kinds of challenges and joys they face in making their respective podcasts. They provide a lot of great information and inspiration for anyone who might be thinking of starting their own crafty podcast. Craft podcasts do seem to be popping up all over, which is great, but I think we need even more because I just can’t stop listening to them!

Julie has posted a few times (here and here) on the great fiber related podcasts that are out there. Here are a few others related to crafts and creativity to try out:

Cut out + Keep
Off the Record, with the Richmond Craft Mafia

If there are others that are favorites of yours that I have missed, feel free to give us a heads up in the comments!


There’s a lot of great stuff going around lately on reconstructing t-shirts (see: Tease, Generation T, oh my stars, t-shirt surgery forum, etc), but I’ve also been noticing a bunch of cool ideas for decorating existing t-shirt with minimal to no sewing required.

First there’s the freezer paper craze that has spread like wildfire since Amy introduced the idea (image above is from hannah at huffmania). Check out these versions at the small object, two rabbits, soulemama,. Also, there’s a new flickr group started to share freezer paper stencil designs with lots of great ideas.

Simple, but cool quilted circles idea at little birds

Applique shirt at craftlog

vintage crochet shirt idea by sabine brandt

Leaf shirt at weewonderfuls

Or try some fancy embroidery to spruce up t-shirts or hoodies, like this craftster member, using sublime stitching patterns and instructions. Keep in mind that she recommends using tearaway stabilizer when stitching on t-shirts!

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One of the more interesting phenomenon in the online craft community is the popularity of ‘swaps’. People from all around the world sign up to send gifts to complete strangers and receive something back in return. I always think it is so interesting that the technology of the internet, which many reactionaries thought would be the end of the traditional postal system, is now being used to encourage old fashioned mail!

There are lots of different places to get involved in swaps of all different sorts, many involve a specific theme, and can involve sending finished crafts, craft supplies, purchased items, or even candy! These are just a few of the places you can find swap opportunities:

Back Tack – the mother of all swaps, wildly popular. Back Tack III is now underway and sign ups closed shortly after they began. The theme this time is softies, with some very specific criteria.

Swapmeet – A new addition to the swapping family, the site was set up to organize swaps of craft supplies. A new theme is announced on the 15th of every month.

Another Swapmeet site, run by – a monthly swap of items ranging from books, to mixed cds, to gardening items to crafts.

Craftster has a whole section on organized swaps, and a good system for those learning how to set up swaps.

Candyswappers set up by supereggplant

Color-rific swap-o-rama organized through flickr- each month a new color is annouced, and participants send a package of items in only that color, including one handmade item.

Project spectrum postcard swap – a color themed postcard swap

Postcard swap, which has been run twice by my little mochi

The also wildly popular secret pal gift exchange for knitters and crocheters. Now in its seventh round!

tea swap – a swap of teas from around the world. In this swap, teas are mailed to the organizer, who collects an assortment into packages to be mailed back to the participants.

Mini swap a swap for kids to participate in, run by mommycoddle (now closed)


Usually, I am not drawn to children’s crafts, simply because I don’t have kids and I don’t spend that much time thinking about it. But there’s something about puppets that are so appealing to me, even just to think about making. Perhaps it’s my own childhood muppets nostalgia. Regardless, here are some fun puppet resources in case you are inclined to put on a puppet show for any kids in your life, or heck, just for yourself:

puppet 101 Puppet 101, in which a professional puppet maker (btw is that not an awesome job!) documents step-by-step how he makes puppets (via drawn)

Along the same lines is which publishes simple patterns to make professional looking puppets.

Download and construct your own paper puppet bunny rabbit theatre (via meggiecat)
bunny theater

Amazing ideas for a home puppet theater and a traveling finger puppet theater from amy at angry chicken.
angry chicken puppet theater

Knitted fingerpuppet patterns at knitty and more here or try crochet fairytale finger puppets at crochet me

finger puppets