buttonheartsmlSince the accident in May, we haven’t been able to access the computer that held all of the WhipUp data.  We still can’t access the WhipUp net email accounts.

If you have been trying to contact us, please accept our apologies for the lack of response.

We know that some of you have submitted ideas for posts, or agreed to be part of the  WhipUp Guest Blogger series for 2013. We wish we knew who you were!

We would love to hear from you.  If you have an idea for a post, or if you have agreed to write for WhipUp, please email us.  Part of what makes WhipUp so rich is the vast range of skills, experiences and creativity of our contributors.

For now, all email enquiries can be sent to


Thanks for helping us to keep WhipUp a vibrant, creative, sharing community.

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This survey is now closed — over 1300 people filled in the survey — thank you all so much — the results can be seen below..

The survey is now here if you are curious about it.


if you are in Melbourne, Australia, at the Stitches and Craft Fair tomorrow – come and say hello to me. i will be talking about my new book at 10.30am in studio 1, then at the Can Do book stand on the ground floor.

hope to see lots of friendly faces

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Don’t forget to pass on to friends this info and voucher to advertise with whipup – link peruse the info sheet (I have a pdf and use this 15% discount voucher when booking an ad between now and 1 AprilMarch2010wKcH65‘.


For the next 10 days I am discounting all ad slots by 10% – use this coupon code when booking your ad pre-holidaysxweEBn valid until 18 November.

Leading up to the holidays ad rates have increased – up to now they have been super duper cheap cheap cheap – while I have been trialling the new system (have you tried out the new system yet – just click on the ‘advertise here’ in the sidebar to give it a test run) (if you want to use this on your website to run ads I use

While I have increased prices in the main ad section – I have also added a new section (lower sidebar) just for indie businesses – the smaller ad sizes will only be available in this slot.