Are you feeling sunny and need a summery frock? Here are two fun and floaty designs to get sewing!

  1. Flowing Grecian style dress
  2. Long Maxi buttery dress


  1. Pretty shoe makeover (pictured)
  2. Creative espadrilles (pictured)
  3. DIY Denim wedges (pictured)
  4. Glitter and glue
  5. Shoe refashion
  6. Create a shoe
  7. DIY Summer sandals


I am researching fancy dudds for my little dude for an upcoming big party we are invited to and he is performing at.

Need to make a bowtie or two or three and this is a different version – I like this one – cause my girl wants one too! And I like this double layered version.

And a waistcoat or maybe this one – looks easy enough.

A necktie perhaps or maybe a faux necktie is better – and cutting down a man sized tie seems like a good idea.


I am a huge fan of the refashioning and diy fashion movement. I love the creativity, the frugality and the recycling going on! Its huge. Here are a just a teensy tiny hint at what is happening.




Maybe its a little early to be thinking of the knitted t-shirt otherwise known at the t-shirt sweater. But if you are deep in winter, then you might want to start thinking about spring, or if like me you are experiencing a strangely cool summer, then a t-shirt sweater is really a practical solution. So here goes a few of my faves – I am dreaming of which one to make. What do you think?

  1. I quite like Wren by Helen G – more of a recipe than a line by line what to knit [Image pictured no.1].
  2. Emmaline by Jennifer Wood is in the Knitty, Spring+Summer 2010. It has really pretty shape and neckline [Image pictured no2.].
  3. Plain and Simple Pullover by Veera Välimäki is a free Ravelry download. I love the neck on this – and the layering options are enormous. [Image pictured no.3]
  4. Silverlode by Kristen Orme has a lovely long line – $5.50 at ravelry. [Image pictured no.4]
  5. Raindance by Heidi Kirrmaier – love the sleeves on this one – $6 at Ravelry. [Image pictured no.5]
  6. Global Warming by Suvi Simola. So cute – love the front pockets. Ravelry download. [Image pictured no.6]
  7. Buttercup by Heidi Kirrmaier is lovely and drapey – could be an overdress. Ravelry download.
  8. Lazy Weekend Sweater by Nikol Lohr was published on craftzine. It has half length sleeves and a hood. Perfect for that seasonal change. Nikol Lohr’s That Girl! Summer Jacket is also on my list.
  9. This 1930s vintage pattern is called 3-Hour Sweater, There are some great updated pics on ravelry from those that have made this sweater – its totally cute.
  10. Classic Silk Short-Sleeve Top by Cecily Glowik MacDonald is a button up cardi – but what I love about this – apart from the cute shape – is that you can wear it with the buttons down the front or the back. Published in CEY.
  11. Mud Season by Elizabeth F. Smith – is my kind of earthy weekend wardrobe.