Guest series Knitting 2012

Image from: Kate Gagnon Osborn – Kelbourne Woolens who will be here 16 October. Kate is just one of the 20 or so designers who will be sharing their stories, tips and design inspirations here over the coming weeks.

I am very excited over the next two months to be showcasing a series of my favourite knitting designers. These wonderful designers have been generous with their time to explain their design thoughts and process with us. Starting tomorrow and continuing over the next two months, whipup will be featuring two designers per week, who will discuss, ruminate and explore issues behind being a knitwear designer, designing for a manufacturer v’s for hand knitters, self publishing v’s traditional publishing and indie magazine publishing, as well as showcasing some lovely designs and explaining the process behind designing and publishing knitting patterns for sale.

It is going to be a fun and interesting series, I hope you stick around for the ride. Make sure to ask questions of the designers, visit their blogs and ravelry store and support independent knitters everywhere! Yay!

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