Profiling the work of the lovely featured artists/makers in the 2012 calendar. I asked all the participants a few questions…

Kate Lilley is from the UK and runs the super cute blog Minieco. She is October!

What is your favourite craft of choice:
I am a Jack of all trades master of (absolutely) none
Who/what/where are your three main craft/design influences
This question is too hard because there are too many artists/designers whose work I love. However today I am thinking about:
Chris Ofili – I have been a long time lover of his work. Photographic representations of his work don’t do them justice at all!
Beci Orphin Such a cool illustrator/designer. I love all that she does.
Charley Harper I only actually discovered his work a few years ago. His illustrations blow me away!
Why do you feel the need/drive to make things?
It’s just a part of my biological makeup I think.

3. What is your favourite crafty resource 
Whipup :) Pinterest and my swann-morton craft knife (no 3 handle)!
4. What music inspires you to create?
Folk, indie, progressive house, rock, opera, Abba(!)…kind of depends on the mood really!
5. What do you do when you have a creative block?
Creative blocks are like cats! Forget about it, stop trying, and it usually comes.

Francesca Mueller is from Italy – her blog is FuoriBorgo and she loves to crochet. She is our December girl!

My creative studio/space: yes, it looks like a kitchen table, because it is a kitchen table!  In our small house, that’s where much of my crafting takes place, in the midst of my kids’ schoolwork and activities, and of meal prep.  Although a little creative space of my own would be ideal, I’ve learned that a family kitchen table works just fine, and packing everything away at meal times isn’t as daunting as it seems.

Who/what/where are your three main craft/design influences
– Rosa Pomar of A Ervilha Cor de Rosa – for her passionate and proactive interest in (and knowledge of) the history and preservation of traditional crafts.
– Melissa Wastney of Tiny Happy – for the quiet and delicate way in which she stitches into her work the inspiration she draws from her days and from the nature around her.
– Liivia of Via – for her blogging style and amazing ability to capture both the small details and the bigger picture in her photos.
Why do you feel the need/drive to make things?
Making things is something I love, and it’s also just part of my lifestyle.

Images: African Flower blanket :: Upcycled wire Christmas tree :: Kitchen table/creative space

What is your favourite crafty resource?
My main resource is our daily family life: when something is needed that can be made by hand, I have a go at it – and most often it works. If a blanket is needed, I make one.  At Christmas time, I make a tree with upcycled wire and crochet snowflakes. When my boys go to camp, I make travel laundry bags from a pattern my grandmother once sewed for me (here). And if the plug for an appliance needs replacing … I call my husband.
What music inspires you to create?
My kids more often than not get to choose (or make) the music in our house, which is sometimes a bit of a cacophony, but I’m ok with it for now.
What do you do when you have a creative block?
When I can’t find the right inspiration to make something in a way that I like, I often turn to the wonderful little community of elderly farmers and artist friends we have around here, or to the Internet.  


I love reading craft, design and homemaking blogs that come from my area and my country. As an Aussie I thought I would kick off this mini series of local blogs with a few of my fave Australian crafty blogs.

I know I have missed out on a ton of blogs so if I have forgotten you – please feel free to add your own or your favourite Australian blog to the comments section for us all to discover and enjoy.



Today I am very happy to introduce Australian designer Bronwyn who is halfway through her 365 days of craft challenge. Today she is going to tell us a little about it, the what, why and how of it all…

My name is Bronwyn Bowerman, I grew up in a tiny town called “Bega” on the NSW south coast (well known for its cheese factory) in Australia. I moved to Canberra to study fashion design at CIT, and then on to Melbourne for work. I now live in an outer Melbourne suburb called “The Basin” in the Dandenong foothills with my beautiful fiancee Andee. I have been working as a clothing and accessories designer for over 6 years now (predominantly in menswear) I have designed for labels such as “Mossimo”, “Travisty” and “No Fear”. I still work four days a week as the accessories designer for a company called “Designworks” which supplies a lot of product for Target.


What is the “365 days of craft” project? 365 days of craft” is my project, a challenge to design, make and blog a new craft/art project daily for the year of 2011.


Why did I start this project? Honestly, I think I ask myself this question at least once a week! ha ha ha! The journey started at about 20 minutes to midnight on the 1st of January 2011, I had this idea… It was a combination of feeling frustrated that my day job wasn’t fulfilling my creativity and that jolt of reality that another year was about to begin, a year older and closer to when I plan to have children so I wanted to challenge myself to do something different. I’d also recently seen the movie julie and julia, and that sealed the idea of a 365 day project (except with craft, not food… although food is still high on my priority list!).


What do I expect to get out of the project? I hope to create some freelance work for myself, whether that be writing a column in a magazine or newspaper, teaching craft courses or ultimately publishing my own craft book. I am putting together a submission to a publishing company at the moment so fingers crossed! I have been very active at writing to companies about my project to ask for sponsorship and I am lucky enough to now be sponsored by both “Brother” and “Lincraft”. I have had a great media response with articles published in “The Knox Leader” twice, a feature story on “Frankie” magazine’s blog (love love love frankie!!!), “Craft Victoria’s” blog, “Sportsgirl’s” blog and now…. “” blog!


What are my favourite projects so far? Well… thats hard, there are over 180 to choose from… I really like the experimental sculptural piece I made using doilies dipped in plaster. I also really like the “piggy” and “whale” plushies from feb 27/28th, these combine my sense of humour as well as my crafty creativity.


What are some of my less successful projects so far? There have been a few desperate, tired, late night moments! But nothing that I don’t really like… My “crafty trash or trashy craft” night from the 24th of feb was not my finest hour, but netherless the motive to recycle is still good! Also my project from the 16th of feb was not very successful as the blackboard paint did not apply to the glass properly and as soon as you wrote on the bottles with chalk it kept peeling the blackboard paint off.


What is in stall for the next six months? Apart from the daily craft installment… I have a few exciting projects up my sleeve! I am planning to make two bigger projects for my home, but these may have to span the week! One is a covered bedhead and the other an old chair re-vamp. I am also planning to move into some video blogs, hopefully a weekly installment, combining craft and a little bit of comedy (life really is too serious sometimes!).


Would I do this project again with the knowledge I have now? Probably NOT… ha ha ha! Although I have learned a lot about blogs, posting, writing press releases, approaching companies for sponsorship and lots of new craft techniques… The daily pressure to keep designing, making and blogging really takes its toll! Plus I am doing all of this for free, so the financial cost of making new projects everyday is quite big (even if I try to recycle and upcycle where possible). If I get a book deal by the end of the year perhaps my mind will change…. ask me again in six months!




Kate Davies – designer of the popular Paper Dolls sweater pattern and various other popular and fabulous knitted designs such as the super cute (get off my) cloud short sleeved hooded sweater with cloud shape pocket and the owls sweater which is also available in a kiddie version.

The marvelous thing about the Paper dolls yoke sweater is the way that knitters have been able to modify the design – Kate did a post here a while ago where she chats about all the mods and there are plenty more on Ravelry. Some fave mods are: Paper carrots :: Hedgehog parade :: Paper daleks :: Long sleeved paper owls :: Paper mushrooms :: Paper boys in a kids size :: Dolls with hair :: Regular paper dolls – love this colour :: And this colour too.



Rita from Red pepper quilts is on fire with her quilts – so professional and energetic – and her colour and fabric selection are so glorious – I am in love. Pictured here are just a few of her quilts which have caught my eye recently. Etsy if you are quick.

Eye candy is made from recycled fabrics :: Broken dishes is made with Kona cottons :: Birds of a feather I love the combo of shot cottons and Alexander Henry ‘heath’ :: Stripes and bunting quilt made with a mix of old and new stripy fabrics.


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