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I have sort of been head down between the sewing machine and the sewing table and the sketch book and the design software working on a new project this week. So I have been sadly neglecting some of my favourite things, my social networks both real and virtual are taking a beating as I ignore everyone and work work work.

These bundles of fabrics are just a little bit of the wonderfulness that I have been playing with. Colours, textures, patterns mmm…

It’s not all work around here though! I have read some books too! and obsessing over a new iphone game (oh the procrastination!), and I have baking – uhm I mean burning a few batches of what promised to be delicious chocolate chip oat cookies and I burnt a vanilla cake and I burnt the gravy for Sunday night roast. So I am sort of now officially banned from the kitchen, to be on the safe side the kids opted for banana smoothies for breakfast instead of french toast. I think my concentration levels for homemaking are low. So I made a weekly menu and did the shopping — all so I don’t have to think too much. I have included lots of easy to make dinners (I did burn the top of the shepherds pie last night though), but the spinach and feta rolls turned out pretty good and are great lunch box fillers too. Do you find that cooking dinner every day can get to be a bit of a chore? Somedays I just want everyone to make themselves a sandwich for dinner.

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I am reading

Storing Home Grown Fruit and Veg by Caroline Scott (Foulsham August 2011). Is a cosy little practical book chock full of useful advice. I particularly think that the sections on each type of veg and fruit that goes through the different varieties and what they best for, how to cook them and when to grow them — it’s a very handy little book.

Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers. This book is compiled by Susanne woods and published by Stash books (2011). This is a super book with 99 quilt blocks each contributed by favourite quilt designers. Each block as a double page spread, with a lovely big photo of the block and page on how to make it. Many of the blocks you may have seen before and a bug bear I have with many quilt block books is that the blocks are not shown in a repeat – I think there was room to that in this book. However it was refreshing to see many traditional blocks given a new twist.

So Pretty! Crochet: Inspiration and Instructions for 24 Stylish Projects Amy Palanjian has put together this book and it comes out soon with Chronicle Books May 2012. Full of lovely contributor projects this book of crochet ranges from delicate crochet jewellery to chunky rag rugs and things like granny squares, covered coat hangers and arm warmers in between. I was disappointed at the lack of crochet instruction for beginners — just some links to online tutorials. On the plus side, if you can already crochet and know how to follow a simple crochet pattern then you’ll like this book, it is beautifully laid full of stylish and trendy projects.

[Thanks to publishers and distributors for sending me books to review, I don’t get paid to post reviews but I am an amazon affiliate] (Australians can purchase craft books online through can do books or booktopia or else browse booko for the best prices.)

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When you think sweater and cardigan you don’t usually think of crochet … but if you don’t knit well, or at all, and you want a yarny wearable for yourself then what should you do? Or if you just want to try out your crochet skills on something other that a square then here are a few ideas for you…

Online free patterns

And because not all the best things in life are free


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by kath_red on 20/03/2012

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I am toying with the idea of making a granny square sampler afghan [inspired by this and this and this and this] and have been researching square designs… I am finding the Crafty minx and Adaiha’s and Ruth’s Granny a Day Projects very inspiring and fun.


I love crocheting blankets / afghans — and spend a time finding a project that speaks to me … here is some of my research