Back yard limes and persimmons May 2015

May’s been a bit quiet and reflective here at Whipup.

Friday 15 May marked two years since Whipup’s founder Kathreen Ricketson and her husband, heart-and-soul-mate Rob Shugg drowned in a swimming accident off the coast of Western Australia.

Whipup has kept going with the dedication of family and friends, but it’s a bittersweet achievement. We couldn’t see this beautiful world Kathreen created disappear from all our lives. It’s a fitting testament to Kathreen’s creativity, vision and her generous and open spirit that Whipup is now well into its tenth year and subscriptions to both Whipup and Action-pack, her kids’ creative magazine, are still growing.

Continuing this voyage without her at the helm, however, steering the course and logging the journey has been a labour of love for us – and, we’ve realized, a long farewell. Two years on from saying goodbye to its creator, and after almost a decade online, it’s finally time to say our final goodbyes to Whipup as well.

So here’s our plan and our invitation to help us farewell Whipup.

We are asking you, Whipup’s readers, followers, collaborators, guest bloggers, past editors and crafty lovers of creativity to get in touch with us here at Whipup HQ.

Let us know your favourite Whipup posts, craft tutorials, moments, images – how Whipup inspired you then, now and even tomorrow.

Post in the comments, email us with an idea or a draft for a guest post. Let’s share all the wonderful things we made and read and enjoyed over the last ten years. We can’t promise we’ll be able to post everything but we can have a great time reading and reminiscing together.

So pour yourself a cuppa, have a slice of cake, browse the Whipup archives, go through your projects and drop us a line to


Happy ten years Whipup!




You might have noticed that we disappeared for a week or two. was hacked, and it took us a while to access our data. I’m so relieved that most of our content is back online, and we will be restoring the most recent posts as soon as we can.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to the people who helped to get Whipup back online. We have lost so much this past year, and the idea that Whipup might have finished suddenly was too much to comprehend.

Thanks for your patience and support. xx Kate


Its christmas eve, and our household of family and extended family have survived a bout of some sort stomach virus, three of our lot, including one baby, one child and one adult vomited for a day and a night and so instead of all my last minute baking I found myself cleaning up vomit, laundering sheets and towels and attending to sick people. The rest of us survived the night and so our fears of postponing christmas festivities have come to naught. We are now all well and good.

In the meantime this is my last update of whipup before christmas as today I do plan on some serious baking and organising and planning and having some nice family time.

A perfect last minute gift for your crafty friends is the whipup calendar – full of excellent contributors and great crafty images, find out more here (only $5).

Have you been checking out my book recommendations this week?

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  • Holiday season is in full swing
    Gift wrapping :::

    Gingerbread moomin house

    Free pdf download

  • Free paper fold-out Row of Trees pattern from the Creative paper cutting book
  • Links and crafty news

  • do you have time to whip up this bolero in time…? you just might
  • You might have time to make this child’s apron for last minute holiday making
  • or maybe pierre the yarny snowman takes your fancy
  • Ok so get making…

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    Tallulah wrote in asking for help in finding some ideas for her carpenter cousin.

    Your site is amazing and always inspires me, especially when gift-giving season rolls around. I was wondering if you have any ideas for sewn gifts for someone who has just gotten really into carpentry? I’m hoping for less-than-a-yard ideas for my cousin who is a) male and b) not so into “cute” things. I am wracking my brain but can’t really come up with any ideas for him. Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much!

    I think that Tallulah should make the firewood tote we featured here a while back – do you have any other ideas?


    Reader letters

    by kath_red on 29/07/2010

    in News+Letters

    Hoping Whipup readers can help out with these two emails requesting crafty advice…

    Do whipup readers have any ideas to help Ronan find that perfect crafty travel kit for his girlfriend?

    I’m an expat living in Seoul, Korea right now teaching english. My girlfriend is travelling here soon to stay with me until i finish teaching here, then we’re going travelling around Asia for a while. She mentioned a while ago that, while we’re travelling, she would like to buy fabric and make crafts and possibly display/sell them online. I know NOTHING about fabric, making crafts, handmade things, knitting etc. NOTHING. However, i’d like to help especially since her birthday is next month. Could you possibly tell me what kind of tools/utensils people need when they’re hand-making crafts? Particularly people who are on-the-move? I think she has a particular interest in embroidery but also handmade goods in general. I was thinking of preparing or buying some sort of small “craft-making kit” for her.

    Can you help Shahanaz find a specific craft?

    I am looking for something that was featured on Whipup a while ago, but I cannot remember the name of the craft! It was a craft where you can take a shape, like a triangle for example, then create smaller triangle inside it, but off-setting the starting point equally on each side of the inner triangle to “rotate” the triangle inside, until your desired amount, and then using different coloured paper, sticking them down in regular order, to get a sort of “telescopic aperture” overall look at the end. Can anyone understand or figure out what I’m looking for?

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