Elaine wrote in asking for a specific pattern – anyone able to help point her in the right direction?

I was wondering if you could give any insight as to where I might find the pattern for a knit headband that tapers and buttons in the back but also has a crochet flower on it. I have looked on Ravelry and but have not found the one I am looking for. I did find one for caliometry but it isn’t quite right.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not asking for it to be free, just the name of the book/magazine etc that the pattern might be in so that I can purchase it. A friend of mine wants to make one for her daughter and 6 nieces and has asked me to try to find it for her. I wouldn’t mind trying one myself.

Any possible help that you could provide would be very appreciated!



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by kath_red on 08/11/2009

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at – a group for the holidays to help showcase all the excellent handmade holiday crafts from bloggers of every holiday tradition – more about how to participate – from November 5th to December 24th. The first has a good taster – how to make a gingerbread house – can be found here.

Join the Quilting for Peace Campaign at STC crafts more info here.

Don’t miss: 12 days of cross country Christmas blog hop starting November 9 – where 12 quilt designers will post on a topic of quilting interest.


Whiptips craft advice column for readers to ask questions or offer advice by leaving comments. email whipup[@]

Liz wrote in with this question:
My local creche is holding a trivia night, and they want parents to contribute items suitable for packs for a 1 year old boy and a 1 year old girl. Do whipup readers have any suggestions as to something handmade?

Readers let us know your suggestions for quick and simple gift ideas to make for 1 year old children – co-ordinated packs or perhaps a few sweet little things that just go nicely together – thinking caps on…


Second Storie Indie Market is announcing their call for entries for their 2009 event. This year Second Storie will host its event at Visual Studies Workshop on Saturday and Sunday November 28-29. Deadline to apply is August 17. For more information visit, and stay in the loop on their blog.

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by kath_red on 20/04/2009

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Notemaker design competition for amateur, professional or design students: design your own embossed cover for an 18 month Moleskine Diary. The winning designer gets to see their winning design printed onto the cover of a limited edition series of Moleskine diaries on sale at NoteMaker plus they win an iPod Nano. More information on entering here.

Sewing machine review site
are looking for honest sewing machine reviews by people who use their machine frequently. review your sewing machine by 1 May 1, and win a $25 Amazon gift card.

living creatively create a tote [bag] competition: Email a few hi res photos of your tote bag and tell them how you made it. Not sure about dates – go here to find out more.

congrats to Rosa Pomar – looks like she won Read it here

Reader Marcia’s daughter’s school in Chicago, IL, is looking for donated fabric scraps with the primary colors in the fabric being those of the rainbow–red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple – to tie around the school’s fence in recognition of gay pride month [June]. If you can help Marcia’s school out – please email patandmarcia[AT]

easter tutorial: Chickummyjig – now in french translation Lavender and limes has made these chickummyjig’s – if you have made one – would love to see – please email me the link to your post or an image. whipup[at] [thanks to pattern designer Tania from Myrtle & Eunice]

Apron giveaway – three winners have been chosen and notified – please contact brassymeg[AT] if you are one of these winners.

Carla: I would cook in one- I know that is only one- but I guess I could also play waitress for the kids
Stitchminx: My favourite things to do in a Haute Couture apron would be 1. some delicously hot cooking! Less spills of course. and 2. delightful baking of tea cakes to impress my friends with! I may make a mess in the kitchen, but I’d look so elegant in a New Apron! Thanks for letting me enter. Rgds, Stitchminx
Rosa: I like to tie my hair up in a gingham ‘kerchief like the good old housewifes and then I either bake or I just sit around the house pretending to be from the 1950s and wishing I was…