Paper+Mixed Media

Creative Paper Cutting: Basic Techniques and Fresh Designs for Stencils, Mobiles, Cards, and More (Make Good: Crafts + Life) by Shufunotomo. Trumpeter (2010)

I love the crisp simplicity and the soft and quirky originality of these paper cutting projects. This latest book in the sought after Make Good: Crafts + Life series of Japanese books translated into English, is a welcome and fresh addition to the series. With traditional Japanese paper crafts inspiring us ever more to experiment with paper cutting and folding techniques, paper newbies and more experienced aficionados will fall in love with this book.

With very easy to follow instructions to make a variety of fun and interesting cut out designs, even primary school aged children will use and love this book. Together with the hand-drawn illustrations, clear how-to photos, templates and plenty of inspiring projects this book makes an excellent addition to our families growing papercraft book shelf.

[PS. you can see more loveliness inside this book at the Shambala website]


Pop-Up Design and Paper Mechanics: How to Make Folding Paper Sculpture by Duncan Birmingham. Guild of Master Craftsman (2010)

Duncan Birmingham explains how to create pop-up mechanisms in a clear and precise way. The colourful diagrams and interesting projects will inspire you to get making immediately. There is no complicated measuring, just really sound basic techniques which are built on throughout the book. It takes you from simple techniques and projects that children will be able to happily make to complex designs for adults and advanced paper players.

Bonus templates at the back add to the excellence of this book. I envision quite a few family round table making sessions with this book as our guide and inspiration.

[ps. This book is not yet available in the US but you can get it from UK Amazon already. And if you are in the UK Duncan runs pop-up workshops – see his website for more information]


Printed Pattern: Printing by Hand from Potato Prints to Silkscreen by Rebecca Drury. A & C Black Publishers Ltd (2010)

Mother and daughter team, Yvonne and Rebecca Drury, produce their own wallpaper range, inspired by midcentury design, they first draw their designs by hand and touch them up with Illustrator, before they are printed on low-impact paper with non-toxic dyes. They have simplified their process for the home print-maker, and take the reader through step-by-step showing how to create the design through to various printing techniques and running repeats.

This book is beautifully laid out, photographed and written, with inspiring simple designs, interesting ideas and fun techniques. Print onto ribbon with your own hand-made rubber stamps, print a border design on your pants with a lino-print, make your own wall-paper with vintage wood-block prints, or screen-print your own fabric to create unique upholstery covers for your couch!

With some beautiful templates in the back of the book, this book is not only a great resource of printing techniques, but a lovely design source as well!

[PS. this book is not yet available in the US, however you can purchase it online from Amazon UK, and in Australian it is distributed through Allen and Unwin You can get more a glimpse inside this book here. The authors Yvonne and Rebecca Drury are a mother and daughter team you can find out more from their website MissPrint. ]


I love these paper decorations from mini-eco.


make this modern paper ornament from how about orange

make this paper bird decoration

Make these cheery paper angels

I love this folded german paper bell

Make some paper heart ornaments

Or this paper flower ornament

An orange paper ornament

How about this paper bauble garland

Make a paper pinecone ornament

I love these paper ornaments (and will be making a few of these this year) [see image above]

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