I missed a newsletter last week, due to travel and beautiful weather and beaches and not very good internet coverage. This week I have the internet and I still have the beach too. We are chilling out, slowing down, relaxing, reading and swimming in a sleepy South Australian coastal town where the fish are biting and the water is an ethereal milky green colour because of the limestone — and the waves are perfect. Slightly overpriced and under facilitated camping makes the area just less than otherwise perfectly lovely.

Follow along on our year long road trip at the Action Pack blog and/or follow my instagram feed @whipup {followgram or webstagram}. Latest blog post about where we are right here.

This beautiful old beach umbrella was spotted outside the general store at the sweetest little town, it was sitting in this abandoned fashion amongst the milk crates and recycling bins. I couldn’t resist taking a snap of it, the retro rose pattern and the fringing reminded me of my grandmother, and childhood dreams and ice creams.

This past week at whipup you’ll find 7 easy cowls to knit, a review of the self published knitting book — wherewithall, and a review of The sock knitters handbook, and 7 sexy knits.

My pinterest boards are worth looking at: Make sure to stop by my quilting and yarn boards for some great inspiration and patterns.

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Right now I am …

by kath_red on 11/01/2013

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  • Camping on some wild coastline, going to the beach for daily swims, getting sunburnt and giving my feet and lets a good workout on some bush walks.
  • Trying to get a little organised with our first week of our year long road trip adventure, finding a home for everything is a little tricky at times.
  • Catching up with some friends and family, eating lots of good food, laughing and breaking up kiddo fights, playing cards, being annoyed by flies and freaking out at all the koalas in and around our campsite (boy they are really noisy at night too!).

Follow along on our year long road trip at the Action Pack blog

Meanwhile at whipup — review of A sock knitter’s handbook :: Some things I really like ::  Looking back at 2012

Cool crafty things — Cute bear brooch :: Cosy cottage quilt blocks

Do get in touch if you are interested in writing a guest post for whipup this year!



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Looking back at the year, time to reflect. All up a good year — what about you? Major events, changes, projects?

It was a year of ups and downs for me. I wrote a book, made 12 (make that 14) quilts, wrote two book proposals, published 5 issues of Action Pack magazine, dreamed and planned for our trip away (a year of travel 2013 — read about it here). I had a minor melt down, my daughter grew taller than me, I read lots of books, I turned 41 … I crocheted, I sewed, I cooked, I blogged, I parented, I gardened … mostly a good year.

Looking back at the year through the eyes of — the highlights … a year of real life

January 2012 — a month of tutorials, controversy and taking it slowly – this was my 2012 welcome letter

February 2012 – a month of quilts and science and crochet

March 2012 – A bit of this and that – Fabric, knitting and crochet

April 2012 – family and kids and social media and balance

May 2012 – Real life and creativity

June 2012 – A really full month of creativity

July 2012 – Creativity, and real life discussion

August 2012 – a month of this and that — slowing down, romance, quilting and knitting

September 2012 – knitting designers, and truth

October 2012 – more knitting and even a quilt
November 2012 – Eco home and knitting


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Right now I am …

by kath_red on 27/12/2012

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A tent in our kitchen — everyone should have one!
  • Thinking about friends and all the things I will miss by being away for a whole year.
  • Urging myself to get organised. I have written copious lists, lists for camping, lists for renting our house, lists for packing our things, lists for homeschooling and traveling and budgeting … lists, lists, lists.
  • Contemplating what was for us a simple Christmas celebration … games, family and good food. Marred only by a migraine.
  • Thankful I can now safely pack away the Christmas tree and decorations. I am really in clean up, get rid of stuff, tidying mode.
  • Wanting this packing and cleaning process to be over already, so I can get onto the planning phase of our trip. I really want to get stuck into reading my new camping guide to Australia.
  • Dying to play with my new Christmas toy — a gorilla tripod — I need an iphone sized one now too.
  • Looking at a pile of paperwork to sort and file and do stuff with. Thankful though that I have completed my tax, and hoping with my new budget / money management app that I won’t have such a headache come tax time next year.
  • Enjoying watching season 10 of Project Runway with the kids. Better late than never. I missed season 9 and thinking we should watch that now too.
  • Wondering what to do with my stash of egg cartons. I can’t bear to throw them away for some strange reason. To the recycling centre we go.
  • Feeling quite proud about cleared out closets and bathroom cabinets. Empty bookshelves and kitchen cupboards. Boxes are filling up the shed.
  • Remembering another proud moment when the kids made the Christmas Pavlova due to my Christmas migraine. Such great kids.
  • Pushing down waves of overwhelming stress about this whole packing for a year thing. What on earth were/are we thinking … oh yeah thats right — family togetherness, adventure, creating amazing memories and relationships as a family, travel and excitement, swimming at the beach, fishing every day, reading lots of books in a hammock under a tree, climbing mountains and gazing at the stars, building sand castles and making land art, cooking out of doors and learning so much from each other. Can’t wait to get started!

What are your plans for 2013?

Some links I have loved lately — mostly all related to camping and the outdoors

Crafty fun links


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Do you make some (all) of your gifts each year? Do you encourage your kids, family and friends to do the same. This time of year it is so difficult to get away from the commercialism of the season, it is inevitable that you will enter a toy shop at some stage … being realistic myself I know that I won’t be able to make all our gifts this year.

But for those that do … here are some free printable labels you might like to use. Click on the image to go to a print quality pdf. This is from the latest Action Pack — it is the Family Apothecary edition — and includes some great ideas for last minute gifts, lots more labels, and just lots of really scrummy things for your skin and body care.

What to make … what to make …

Five quick crochet gifts

  1. Crochet bow
  2. Crochet heart
  3. Convertible cowl
  4. Slouchy hat
  5. Owl hat

Five quick gifts for kids to make

  1. Printing with found materials
  2. Basket weaving
  3. Painted feathers
  4. Circle weaving
  5. Handmade boats

Five quick handmade gifts for him

  1. Tool rollup
  2. Camping stool
  3. Cosy slippers
  4. Car kit
  5. Leather notebook

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