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Kathreen Ricketson {aka kath red}

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I live in Canberra, Australia, with my husband, two small children, chooks and fish, in a purple house with a bright red door.

I spend my days in various ways, alternating running chaotically and calmly between mothering, making and being.
{oh and working … I work 3/4 time at an art magazine as design manager}

My crafting activities began at my mothers and grandmothers feet, both very practical women.

I am into fabric, – it is my secret pleasure, I love colour and design and making clothing. I make clothes and bags for my kids, friends and the occasional market stall. I also experiment with quilting, and creature making and more practical things like covering couches and making curtains.

My other major passion is photography, I have an honours degree in visual arts and photo-media. I love self portraiture and am editor at self portrait tuesday.

I used to travel. Exotic and interesting places like India and China and Turkey and Poland. I studied Mandarin at Uni and spent a year in Beijing discovering a love for photography.

I love in no particular order:

night lights
misty mornings
gum leaves
amazing colour combinations found in nature
web surfing
reading and reading
cooking luscious imaginative rich desserts
eating chocolate and rasberries and pavlova
the smell of cinnamon and oranges and limes
the colour of blood oranges
drinking whiskey and red wine and hot chocolate and chai
banana on toast
bubble baths

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My inspiration comes from my children, my sanity comes from my friends, my perserverance comes from the support I receive from my husband – all the technical bits on this website are his doing.

kathreen ricketson - quilt

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