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Michelle from greeting arts sent in this link to Hilary’s free elf embroidery patterns.

Wild Deer sent in a link to a charity she is participating in FIRE all you have to do to help is ‘buy a scarf pattern, keep a child warm!’

A letter from Vicki:

Hi, just looking at the post on Stephanie’s little Christmas Trees. Love that idea, but also thought you may be interested in the pic on SouleMama’s site titled “is it time yet?” dated November 20, 2006. This little Santa is just the same shape as the cone Christmas Trees. It’s so sweet.

Melody sent this in:

I thought you might want to know that NPR is holding our First Ever “2006 News” Holiday Craft Contest. We’re asking listeners and readers to design either a handmade menorah or a Christmas tree ornament and send us the pictures. We already designed a Mel Gibson Mel-Norah and a Baby Suri Christmas ornament, and have received a (quite disturbing) Dick Cheney-full-of-buckshot-snowman. Thought you might like to enter, or let your readers know. J

And Toms letter (winner of whiplash a couple of month’s back):

Just another thank you – I just received the prize through the post and I’m really impressed with the wool, and those needles are huge and slightly terrifying, which is great.


Jude wrote in to share this story with whipup readers

thought this might be fun to share with your subscribers since we’re all such a crafty bunch.

After Save the Children’s State of the World’s Mothers 2006 report highlighted simple, low-cost practices that could save newborn lives — like warming their heads with a knit or crochet cap — Save the Children received numerous calls and e-mails from Americans around the country wanting to organize their friends and family to knit and crochet caps for newborns in developing countries.

Patty wrote in with this letter

hi there
i just found out about your site and i love it. just one thing i don’t understand and maybe you can help. where are the photos of the
pieces that the letters and comments refer to. I love reading the little blurbs about the projects and pieces that the readers are mentionng,, but i am so disappointed when i can’t find the photographs of what they are referring to. thanks for your help.

[Well Patty, you have brought up a good point and I will try to upload an image or two to go with the letters occasionally, however if there is no image and you would like to see the project that is being discussed, please click on the link to the original website where there is hopefully an image or two. Cheers K]

Michelle wrote in with this lovely letter – Thank you Michelle.

Hi Kath, thank you so much! I received my gorgeous bamboo yarn and huge needles yesterday, found the package by my doorstep this morning. Beautiful colors, and um, wow, are those big needles or what?
Thanks again, you do a great job on Whip-up and I absolutely love looking at all the Whiplash entries. Thanks for challenging and prodding and inspiring me every day.


Lots of excellent entries – there were a few entries that were things that were obviously for sale and were entered as a promo – so while these were great items they unfortunately cannot be considered for a prize, and same goes for entries that were made a while ago and not made in the month of October.

Here goes:

1- three month subscription to the sampler
Anocrismo – teaparty necklace

the next 5 people receive some knitting/crochet/yarn goodies (see the whiplash page for the stuff) for their great entries.

2. Creative Kismet – how to make buttons tutorial.

3. Kardemumma – crochet bracelet tutorial

4. jetson – dork wallet tutorial

5. greeting arts – felted thimbles

6. Linques – cascading earings tutorial

The next 3 entries receive a special mention for being totally in the whiplash spirit:

girl on the rocks – angora handwarmers tutorial

Ann wood – tassle birds

paper flower girls – quick necklace

Thank you to every one who entered. Look out for Novembers Whiplash announced soon.


apple head (see the wonderful 100 flower scarf) and ruby crowned kinglet (you will have to visit her blog to see the winning entry) have each won a copy of Denyse Schmidt quilts or colorful stitchery.

And the fab bumper prize from funquilts will be announced later.

special mention this week goes to
jixichick for the scrap map

greeting arts for the soft toy

ann wood for the ship sails

viewer choice goes to
pink chalk studio for the pencil roll

and polvoron for the patchwork bag

editors pic goes to
tree fall design for the patchwork cat

and green mountain mama for the swiffer cover