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Action Pack Magazine for kids. This downloadable high quality e-magazine is just for kids (and their grown-ups and siblings too). There is no advertising in these magazines – just really great quality projects for creative curious kids who love to do stuff! Find out more in our about page.

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Latest Issue

Action Pack :: Elements -- WATER
The first issue for 2013 is part of our Elements themed year, and begins with WATER. In this issue we have 15 contributors, and more than 20 projects, these wonderful contributors from around the world walk us through arts and crafts, science, experimentation, adventure, cooking and play — all related to water.
Action Pack :: Preschool Compilation Issue 2012
This compilation issue is a curated mix of projects from the first 2 years of Action Pack. 35 projects // 60 pages of projects aimed at the 3-6 preschool age group -- projects include: Origami :: Printing & Painting :: Sewing & Toy making :: Cooking & Gardening :: Jewellery making & Body art :: Science concoctions & Games


Mega 5-Pack :: Action Bundle
Mega 5-Pack :: ACTION Bundle :: Buy 5 Packs and SAVE.
This Action Bundle includes:
  • Go Tribal issue :: 20+ pages of tribal inspired recipes, crafts, weapons and games.
  • Sticks & Stones :: 20+ pages of outdoor inspired art, craft, recipes and games.
  • Mad Scientist :: 20+ pages of science potions and experiments.
  • Beeswax & Paper :: 20+ pages of origami, beeswax and outdoor projects.
  • Great Outdoors Mega issue :: 60+ pages of outdoor cooking, games and adventures.
Double Trouble Pack :: Celebration
Double Trouble Packs :: Buy 2 Packs and SAVE.
This pack includes:
  • Mega Celebration Issue :: 80 pages and 23 projects of holiday crafts and treats
  • Easter Special Edition :: 7 Easter recipes, experiments and crafts.
Double Trouble Pack :: Crafty
Double Trouble Packs :: Buy 2 Packs and SAVE.
This pack includes:
  • Seeds & Beads -- 20+ pages of beading projects and recipes for the garden
  • Sew & Tea -- 20+ pages of sewing projects and recipes related to tea.
Double Trouble Pack :: Science
Double Trouble Packs :: Buy 2 Packs and SAVE.
This pack includes:
  • Mad Scientist :: 20+ pages of science potions and experiments
  • Zap & Zest Mega Issue :: 60+ pages of electronic zappy science projects and zesty cooking recipes.
Double Trouble Pack :: Cooking
Double Trouble Packs :: Buy 2 Packs and SAVE.
This pack includes:
  • Family Cooking Mega Issue :: 60+ pages of recipes and cooking tips
  • Chalk & Cheese issue :: 40+ pages of Cheesy recipes and Chalky crafty projects
Double Trouble Pack :: Outdoors
Double Trouble Packs :: Buy 2 Packs and SAVE.
This pack includes:
  • Great Outdoors Mega Issue :: 60+ pages of outdoor cooking, science and adventure
  • Sticks & Stones :: 20+ pages of crafts, cooking, games and adventures..


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Important: The pdf magazine will be automatically delivered via e-mail as soon as your payment is received. The email address that it is sent to is the email connected to your paypal account. The e-mail you receive will include a link to download the file directly to your computer. Please note that the link will only allow you to access the file for a limited period, so please make sure to download and save the file on your own computer as soon as you receive it. Lost files may be replaced for a period of 30 days following purchase.

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Action Pack :: Family Apothecary
Family Apothecary – 50+ pages of salves, lotions, balms and crafty projects!
In our Family Apothecary Action Pack Magazine you'll find:
[all using herbs and commonly found simple ingredients like beeswax, olive oil and bicarb soda (plus a few special products too -- like coconut oil and kaolin clay).]
  • Home herbal medicinal recipes (salves and cold remedies)
  • Eco-home cleaning and freshening ideas (natural cleaning products and washing recipes)
  • Eco beauty treatments (lip balms, creams and hair tonics)
  • Natural personal products (toothpaste and deodorant)
As well as detailed step-by-step how-to's you'll also find a slew of additional tips, ideas and alternative recipes for making some wonderful natural body, home and medicinal products for the whole family -- all are easy enough for older kids to try but I know YOU will want to get stuck into this too.
PLUS there are sewing projects -- eye mask, sleeping pillow, heat pack and lavender sachets (and more) which are all very easy to make and include detailed instructions.
And there is MORE ... Each chapter has fact sheets highlighting some of the products that are used throughout, as well as a printable herbal guide AND each chapter has a page of printable gift tags too!

Action Pack: Issue 12 :: Go Tribal
Go Tribal: Action Pack Magazine for kids. 
32 pages and 11 kid tested and made projects
In this issue you will find:
  • Information on ancient toys and games
  • Printables to make and decorate your own paper feathers
  • Recipes to make an authentic tribal feast
  • Ancient weapons to make at home [comes with a safety warning]
  • Aztec prints project is suitable for younger children

Action Pack: Family Cooking
Welcome to the Family Cooking edition of Action Pack Magazine for kids. 
70 pages of recipes and cooking tips
  • In this issue there are 30 recipes – all tested and tasted by kid chefs - Orlando and Otilija.
  • Plus we have included a crafty how-to-sew a chef’s hat as well as a convenient printable recipe card section.
  • As well as this we have a included cooking essentials like how to separate eggs, make bread and butter and lots more besides.
  • Action Pack guide to family cooking is divided up into sections: breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner, bread + butter, and dessert. And each recipe is rated ‘super easy’, ‘easy’, ‘medium’ or ‘bit harder’.
  • Plus there are baking tips, safety advice and a kitchen conversion chart.
Action Pack: Easter Special
Welcome to the Easter Special Edition of Action Pack Magazine for kids. 
In this issue there are 7 Easter recipes, experiments and crafts. You’ll learn about different Easter traditions, you’ll bake, taste and experiment in the kitchen and you’ll get a little crafty too. Be prepared for mess, for fun and for lots of egg-speriments.
20 pages of recipes and projects
In this issue you will find
  • About: What does Easter mean? + Information for Parents about how to use Action Pack
  • Sweet things: Chocolate Easter Cookies + European Easter Cake
  • Snacks: Breakfast egg + toast + Hot Cross Easter Buns
  • Craft: Munch’em Egg Cosies + How to make a piping bag for icing
  • Science you can eat: Tea Eggs + Natural Dyed Eggs
Action Pack: Issue 9 :: Mad Scientist
Welcome to the Mad Scientist issue [Issue #9] of Action Pack Magazine for kids.
20+ pages with 15 tutorials, recipes, crafts and more...
In this issue there are more than 14 fun, curious, tasty and artistic scientific experiments: 
  • You will learn about microwave expansion
  • and the science of bubbles and yeast,
  • you’ll experiment with crystals
  • and make some cool potions too.
Action Pack: Issue 8 :: Celebration Mega Issue
I am very excited to introduce the last issue of the year - Celebration - celebrating a wonderful year - celebrating your special holiday - and sharing what everyone is celebrating at this special holiday season.
Action Pack - Issue 8: Available now with no advertising, recipes, craft projects, and more...
This issue is huge - no really I mean it - it's HUGE.
80 pages and 23 projects
  • Recipes: cookies and holiday treats from around the world (9 recipes)
  • Decorations: - ornaments, wreaths, banners and a nativity scene (8 projects)
  • Games and gifts: - Wintry scenes to cut out and display, cards and gift tags, dress ups and games to make and play with (6 projects including printables)
Action Pack: Issue 7 :: Sticks & Stones
Issue 7: Sticks and stones - is all about the freedom of childhood – sticks and stones are simple ancient tools that can be made into all sorts of things for games and adventures.
Kids – go wild, experiment, play, cook, taste, imagine, get outside and create cool things with the projects in this book.
30 pages of games, activities, recipes and projects.
This Action Pack Magazine includes projects suitable for older and younger kids too - Painted rocks and the pretzel cabin would be perfect for little ones, and Wooden jewellery and the Braided Sling are perfect for teens and adults too.
Inside you will find:
  • How to make message stones.
  • Make a pretzel log cabin and some delicious cinnamon sticks.
  • Paint stone eggs and create an inuksuk snow globe.
  • Make a nature version of the classic game tic-tac-toe.
  • Whittle a fork.
  • Make wooden jewellery.
  • Plus make a traditional Navaho slingshot and ephemeral art.
Action Pack: Issue 6 :: Zap & Zest Mega Issue
Issue 6 of Action Pack, is themed around the concept of ZAP+ZEST...
Zap is SCIENCE ... electricity and battery experiments, poppers and fizzing reactions too.
Zest is COOKING ... citrus fruits - mainly lemon!
60 pages of projects and recipes to keep you busy no matter what the season. Lots of science, cooking and some art and craft too!
This is a printable downloadable emagazine - with no advertising.
In this pack you will find:
  • Projects suitable for little ones - try some Lemon stamping, Static electricity experiments (yes the little ones will love these), how about some lemon boats and making a vinegar volcano too!
  • Make lemon fizz and elephants toothpaste, and a lemon battery plus an origami light!
  • Zesty citrus bunting, citrus body scrub and instructions to make your own candied peel.
Action Pack: Issue 5 :: Chalk & Cheese
Issue 5 of Action Pack: A magazine for kids - {chalk & cheese} is out. So excited about this issue - it's all about chalk & cheese – those two very different materials that might look similar but are really not similar at all. In this pack you will find projects to keep you busy no matter what the season. From kitchen science experiments to outdoor art and craft projects.
This is a printable downloadable emagazine - with no advertising.
40 pages of projects and recipes
  • Make chalk + cheese
  • Kitchen science
  • Chalk boards & chalk bags
  • Sidewalk games
  • Plaster crafts
  • Cornflour experiments
  • Plus More games, crafts, science & cooking.
Action Pack: Issue 4 :: Great Outdoors Mega Issue
Issue 4 of Action Pack: A MEGA-Mag for kids (aged 7+) just keeps getting bigger and better.
The Great Outdoors edition is 60 pages and full of colourful activities, recipes, games and tutorials for outdoor fun.
In this pack you will find:
  • Campfire cooking recipes, Weather science experiments and Outdoor art projects.
  • Boredom busting games for car trips and rainy days. And we know there are plenty of those at holiday time.
  • Crafts: Including detailed instructions on how to make a must-have utility belt and bag , flower press and nature journal to take along on your nature excursions with you, and nature jewels and a woven fly swat that you can make while camping or hiking, from materials you can find along the way.
  • Adventure and survival. Including how to make your own fish trap, fishing rod, how to safely light a campfire and detailed illustrations on how to tie seven different knots that just might save your life!
This Issue of the Action Pack comes with a safety warning – some projects require the use of fire and sharp knives – some adult supervision may be required.
Action Pack: Issue 3 :: Sew & Tea
Our philosophy for Action Pack is all about inspiring kids to be creative, to develop and nurture healthy habits, and to feed inquisitive minds, and challenge imaginations. This ‘Action Pack’, is for busy parents and creative energetic kids.
Action Pack: A magazine for kids who want to do stuff comes in an easy downloadable PDF format, with no advertising.
27 pages full of projects and recipes
In this pack you will find: a whole heap of projects around the theme 'Tea & Sew', with tasting, experimenting with flavours, sewing projects and more.
  • The instructions to sew a tea cup and jam tarts.
  • A recipe with variations to make your own tea flavoured cookies.
  • Make sun tea, herbal ice tea and spiced chai.
  • Instructions to tea dye fabric and make a personalised hand sewn tea cosy.
  • Lots of information and facts about tea traditions around the world.
Action Pack: Issue 2 :: Seeds & Beads
Action Pack comes in an easy downloadable PDF format. With no advertising, this month's issue is jam packed with 25 pages of projects - with a Seeds and Beads theme for the new planting season - inside you will find craft projects, gardening projects, science, cooking, drawing and more, everything a kid needs for a weekend (or two) of activities.
In this pack you will find: a whole slew of projects around the theme Seeds & Beads, with lots of delicious cooking, science experiments, simple craft projects and outdoor activities.
25 pages of projects and recipes
  • Instructions to make garden lanterns and beaded dragonflies to decorate your garden.
  • Instructions to show you how-to draw realistic and cartoon dragonflies - the good insect!. Plus lots of fun facts and interesting information throughout.
  • How to grow seeds - make seed bombs, recycled plant containers and bird seed treats to attract birds to your garden + printable seed packets to save and store your seeds.
  • Learn all about how to use edible seeds in your cooking, make cakes, crackers and salad sprinkles as well as a refreshing Lavender Lemonade!
Action Pack: Issue 1 :: Beeswax & Paper
It’s a printable magazine for kids (aged 7+) in an easy downloadable PDF format. with no advertising.
20 pages of craft projects, outdoor activities, cooking, drawing and more, everything a kid needs for a weekend (or two) of activities.
In this pack you will find:
  • Instructions to make two different origami beeswax dipped boats that will actually stay afloat in water. + more origami projects.
  • Instructions to show you how-to draw realistic and cartoon bees. Plus lots of fun facts and interesting information.
  • How to make beeswax candles and recipes to make your own natural beeswax lip balm and hand-lotion with printable labels!
  • Recipes to make a yummy Honey and Cinnamon cake, and a healthy honeycomb lemonade.
This action packed magazine for kids will inspire creativity and healthy habits, as it feeds inquisitive minds, and challenges the imagination. We have developed this ‘Action Pack’, with busy parents and creative energetic kids in mind.
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