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Whip Up is now taking article and tutorial submissions.

We are looking for tutorials and submissions that fit within our feel – read our Manifesto for more information.

We are looking for thematic articles and tutorials to fit within the months themes – see monthly themes below – but also timely articles outside of these themes will be considered such as exhibition and pattern reviews, craft memes, fun, frivolous and extreme ideas, etc that cannot wait and do not fit within the theme.

Submissions now being accepted for January, February and March 2008


April – Home (crafts for the home – for the family – practical and comfort and loving crafts)

May – Ephemeral (short lived, naturally occurring, transitory crafts)

June – Traditions (handed down through the generations, classic patterns, colors, and styles, inherited, established, or customary)


To learn more about how to submit an article read the submission guidelines here