Don’t forget to pass on to friends this info and voucher to advertise with whipup – link peruse the info sheet (I have a pdf and use this 15% discount voucher when booking an ad between now and 1 AprilMarch2010wKcH65‘.


For the next 10 days I am discounting all ad slots by 10% – use this coupon code when booking your ad pre-holidaysxweEBn valid until 18 November.

Leading up to the holidays ad rates have increased – up to now they have been super duper cheap cheap cheap – while I have been trialling the new system (have you tried out the new system yet – just click on the ‘advertise here’ in the sidebar to give it a test run) (if you want to use this on your website to run ads I use

While I have increased prices in the main ad section – I have also added a new section (lower sidebar) just for indie businesses – the smaller ad sizes will only be available in this slot.