art pouch

Welcome Holly from Chezbeeperbebe to Whipup, today she is sharing a simple, easy-peasy art supply pouch.

My name is Holly and you may have seen me here before–I designed the Library Book Tote tutorial several months ago. I spend a lot of time designing toys from recycled stuff and then make lots of other stuff in between. You can find me at Chez Beeper Bebe where I blog about all the stuff I make and share tutorials for some of it. You can also buy some of the stuff I make in my Etsy shop. Come on over and say hey.

This art pouch is nothing complicated–just your basic zippered pouch, but I have custom printed the exterior fabric with photo images of the actual art supplies they contain.

The idea for this tutorial came about because it always seems like my 6-year-old son’s crayon/marker/colored pencil boxes are ripping and everytime he goes to retrieve them they end up all over the floor/art drawer/backpack. So, I thought some pouches would do the trick–but then I worried that he would forget which supplies were in which pouch so the supplies would end up all over the floor/art drawer/back anyway when he unzipped them and dumped them out to figure out what was inside. And this is where the idea for the images of the art supplies came in–a sure way to help him to know at a glance what is contained inside each pouch. Practical, yes, but I have to admit that I just love the colorful design a line-up of colored pencils can make–that colorwheel effect gets me every time).

Download the PDF for the Art Supply Pouch Tutorial here.

This does require printing on fabric–personally, I just started making my own printable fabric sheets using Bubble Jet Set (you can buy some here and really do find them superior to anything you could purchase at a commercial craft store (and at a fraction of the cost). If you do buy your fabric sheets, those that have a softer hand (more like fabric) work best here (some have a plastic-y texture).

Also, if you are new to sewing, or have just never sewn a zipper in place and are not up for the challenge (not hard, trust me–but I still have to get my sewing machine manual out every time to remind myself how to use the zipper foot), you can also use this same printed fabric technique to make a simple pouch that closes with velcro (in lieu of the zipper), or even a drawstring bag (Lovely Design has a great tutorial for these–find it here.)

And why limit yourself to art supply pouches? You can make a pouch like this for anything–why not take a photo of a few of your cosmetics and call it a make-up bag, or how about a photo of a few snacks and you can keep some wrapped snacks handy in your purse for kiddie melt-downs and missed meals…you get the idea. They would also make a nice gift paired with one of my Scenic Patchwork Sketchbooks I recently blogged about at Elsie Marley –if you are looking for that sort of thing.

So go wild, letter your inner-pouch lover out and become the crazy pouch lady you were meant to be.