baby knitting

oh how sweet – knit up a cocoon for your newborn.


Pickles has a pattern for a whole newborn little baby kit, knit in a very simple yet stylish design – suitable for boys and girls. I love it. It includes jacket, booties and hat – I love the simple red and blue stripes on the little jacket.

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How terribly cute is this little baby vest by Sam Lamb. Get the free pattern from ravelry or more info from Sam Lamb’s website.


Kristen Rengren author of Vintage Baby Knits (read the interview here) is starting a series on her blog – all about knitting vintage and will include useful information to anyone who’s ever wanted to knit from vintage patterns – and some tips for anyone who’s ever wanted to alter a pattern to fit without losing its original style.

vintage baby knits

[Image from book Vintage Baby Knits

The first in the series is Finding, Evaluating & Understanding Vintage Patterns and to articles to follow include:

* Crash Course in Fashion History: Understanding the Era = Understanding Fit & Style
* Determining What Size to Knit and A Treatise on Ease in Vintage Patterns
* Altering Your Pattern to Fit Without Losing Its Vintage Appeal
* Choosing a Yarn to Match your Vintage Pattern
* Using Swatching as a Tool in Vintage Knitting
* But is it Yours? What You Need to Know About Vintage Patterns & Copyright