Making room – Guest post by Sophie from Roubidou

Getting ready for the baby seams to be above all an exercise in making room. The simplest task of all – at least for now – was to make room in my body for our little daughter who although at the moment still hidden under layers of me is so much already an invaluable family member. Just as my belly is growing slowly outwards all by itself, our thoughts and love are expanding exponentially to make room for her. There is certainly much, much more space in this immaterial territory than when it comes to the slightly more challenging part of preparing her actual room in our apartment. There was quite a bit of reshuffling and rearranging during the past few weeks. Although, now having emptied our former storage room (and more or less succeeded in making room for the things that were in that room) the fun part is about to begin.

And as my body was making room I would re-inspect my wardrobe every month or so to see what still fits my transforming self. Instead of looking at my clothes and only thinking ‘will this cover the bump’, I found myself wondering just as well ‘will this fit me ever again’ and ‘do I want to wear this ever again’? So I made room in my wardrobe, not so much for the baby but due to her. Some clothes went to my younger cousin, some to charity shops and a few were repurposed into something new for our October baby. These are the sartorial yields of my room making:

photo 1: I loved this cardigan, but due to a vinaigrette-shaking-incident that covered it with vinegar freckles I remade it. I cut around the freckles when tracing the little top and pants (improvised patterns). All you experienced mothers might find it amusingly naive that I would forsake this beloved cardigan because it ‘looks dirty’ when I will find myself covered with various baby related stains and surrounded by a huge pile of laundry for the year to come.

photo 2: This sweater was ousted from my wardrobe for being too baggy, even with my baby bump the neckline was just too loose. Luckily, I ended up with lots of material to repurpose (patterns: vest and bodysuit Ottobre 1/2011, hat Ottobre 4/2010).

photo 3: The T-shirt got the boot for the same reason, plus it’s terribly diaphanous (improvised patterns, hat Ottobre 4/2010).

photo 4: This top is one of the oldest clothing items I still own, so old that my mother paid for it and frankly it’s been a borderline fit for quite a while (improvised pattern).

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Oh I love these. Link to post.


baby sun hat

by kath_red on 20/04/2010

in Sewing+Fabric

Prudent baby has a pdf pattern and tutorial for making a sunhat for your wee ones.


diy baby sling

by kath_red on 29/03/2010

in Green Crafting

Rachel sent in this link to make your own ring sling – to carry around your baby around close to your skin – great idea and seems really quite simple.

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baby Rustle Bag

by kath_red on 22/08/2009

in Toys+Plush

Reese dixon made a rustle bag for her baby to play with and enjoy the noise it makes – here is how.

baby toy

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