I love reading craft, design and homemaking blogs that come from my area and my country. As an Aussie I thought I would kick off this mini series of local blogs with a few of my fave Australian crafty blogs.

I know I have missed out on a ton of blogs so if I have forgotten you – please feel free to add your own or your favourite Australian blog to the comments section for us all to discover and enjoy.



As I am gearing up to launch Issue 4 of Action Pack – my e-mag just for kids!, I am getting drawn into and discovering lots of interesting and cool blogs for kids, for grown-ups with kids, about kids and about families – everything kids really. And as a mother with 2 kids – I am all about looking for cool activities, crafts, ideas and experiences to enrich our lives together. Here a few cool kids blogs you should check out.

Please leave a link to your favourite (or your own) kid/family/parenting blog so we can explore and discover more.




Scott Bedford from the blog What I made wrote in to tell me about some crafty projects he has been making and posting on his blog – I liked them – here is one – cheeky fortune teller! His illustrations are very cool and then I got sucked into a few more posts on his blog – like this twitter factory drawing and his son’s visual alphabet. Go there now!


Oops missed a week – sorry to those who have missed the weekly newsletter – what with 9 year old slumber birthday parties, soccer season beginning and school starting back for second term – I have been rather snowed under with family stuff. But I do always find time for whipping up something here at whipup.

During the past few weeks I have been putting together a series on craft blog tips: better craft blogging : craft blog etiquette : better craft blog writing : how to build an audience for your craft blog and photography tips for your craft blog and the latest in the series is blog design, essential blogging extras and tutorial writing.

You might notice a very slight difference in design here at whipup too – we have widened the screen to allow bigger images and a slightly more spacious appearance – putting the search bar up in the header will also help those wanting to search the whipup archives for all our past stories. Please tell me what you think?

Slightly knitting obsessed lately and have been featuring quite a few patterns available in the blogosphere: I love the fog sweater – such a great name too: Shalom yoke cardigan is super cute: how to design your own custom sweater is going to come in handy: felted knit dog leash is utterly adorable: I am sure you will agree that the truffle sweater is very stylish: mrs Darcy cardigan is oh so adorable: did you know that 2009 is the year for natural fibres?: love this chunky knit warm hat: the bike helmet earmuffs are so much fun – and sure to be essential wearing in winter: Mr Peen was too too funny: I love woolly wormwood‘s hat patterns: and did you see the beard hat?: knitted jam jar cosy: knit up some knickers: and the nerdy bender dishcloth and the perfect sweater.

For those more inclined toward crochet – we have some goodies for your too: molly flowers: crochet orangutan is amazing: hyperbolic crochet patterns: om shanti yoga bag: hyperbolic dish cloth:

And we have also covered quite a bit in the patchwork and quilting area: Dear baby jane quilt is amazing – with tutorials for each block: embroidered mini quilt: t-shirt quilt: sting quilt paper piecing:

For those who love sewing and fabric here are some great tutes for you: stitch up a love bug (great mothers day gift): design your own children’s clothes: free motion machine embroidery: gorgeous flower ruffle collar to add a little pizazz to your outfit: scrubby buddy – perfect for bathtime: I love these refashioned toddler pants made from business shirt sleeves: fabric on demand website: vintage embroidery patterns: lollychops embroidery patterns: more refashioning with a shirt to blouse tutorial: smocking tutorial: fabric corsage (great mothers day gift): spring bag: more spring with this lovely spring top: love the refashioned t-shirt baby gown: mendocino summer frock:

Book reviews have included some great books including: the boy magician: it girl knits – teen knitting: the new book from mason-dixon knitting – outside the lines: stash buster quilts was a pleasant surprise:

And paper lovers watch out: I love the hammered nature prints (great mothers day idea): kusudama paper flowers (another great mothers day idea).

Thanks for reading and happy crafting weekend!

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Starting a craft blog can be a fun but also daunting prospect. If you are a blog lurker and eager to start your own blog but not quite sure what to write or if you already have a craft blog and would like to build your audience and participate more fully in the craft blog community – then tune in over the coming weeks for tips and ideas on how to build a better craft blog.

1. Be polite:
Craft blogging is about building communities and ‘meeting’ people of like interests, sharing ideas and being inspired. Craft blogs are places where people are expressing and sharing their ideas, and these ideas should be respected. Its ok to not like other peoples stuff and its ok to say so – but rudeness and meanness is never ok. So whether you are commenting on someones elses blog or writing about something on your own blog – try your best to not be nasty.

2. Link your sources:
When you mention someone else on your blog, a quote, an image or a post – always link the source. A simple [via] is sufficient, if it is a new idea/new thing that you found while surfing the web, it is not only respectful and polite to mention where you found the idea, but its in the web spirit to share the love around.

If you do post and link, don’t expect a reciprocal link just for the hell of it – these will come but are certainly not mandatory – generosity tends to be catching.

Don’t repost the whole of someone else’s post – reposting a quote is fine – but not the whole thing.

3. Sourcing images:
Do you have to ask permission before reposting an image? This is a tricky area and I don’t have a definitive answer, on whipup we simply don’t have time to ask everyone for permission and we feel that it is good publicity for the image owner, we use images in the spirit of sharing news and information.

However if you are a new blog then it might be wise to begin by asking for permission before reposting images. If you don’t ask permission before using an image then you must:

Remove the image if the owner does not want it used. If you have posted an image to your website and the author of the image contacts you to ask for it to be removed then you must do this immediately.

Give full credit for every image and link back to the author of the image. This is absolutely essential – to note where you found the image, who the author of the image is and link back to their website. If you have forgotten or can’t find it again – then don’t use it.

Do not use the image if the blog or website specifically requests that images not be used without permission. Some blogs will have a little section in their sidebar that says please don’t use my images without permission – you must respect this.

Never hotlink an image. Hotlinking or stealing of bandwidth is considered very bad manners – if you want to repost an image you saw somewhere then download it and upload it to your server.

Do not use an image if it will damage or diminish the value of the work in any way. This means using an image in a derogatory way – making fun of it or being mean about it or the creator.