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Guest post by Heidi from Uncovered cover art

Uncovered Cover Art features reimagined children’s book covers. Professional and amateur artists can submit artwork, and new illustrations are added daily. Art directors, designers, and agents are all frequent visitors.

When you browse through the bookstore or the stacks of a library, a book cover makes all the difference. A good cover provokes an emotional reaction and instantly lets the reader know what the book is about. Every artist has their own unique style. That’s why it’s so fun to see a book illustrated again and again. As a children’s book editor, I’ve always enjoyed the process of finding an artist and working with the art director to design a new book cover. And I LOVE when we get a chance to go back and refresh a book with a new cover. It makes all the difference and I fall for a book all over again.

There are so many talented and creative artists in our world. Uncovered Cover Art is my way of celebrating them. I really hope this website will be a matchmaker for artists, art directors, and agents. I’ve been amazed by the response to the website with agents encouraging their clients to submit and artists sending in new work every day. I’m so excited each time I get a new submission. Here’s what I love to see…

I love art that feels loose and alive.

I discovered Jana Christy on Seven Impossible Things and her Little Red Riding Hood is a favorite on Uncovered Cover Art. She is so sassy!

I love color.

Meg Hunt gets it completely right with her Alice in Wonderland pieces.

The Princess & The Pea has been a source of inspiration for so many artists because it offers so much room to design amazing textures and contrast colors in fresh ways. This piece by Heather Ross would make me return to the book again and again.

I love texture.

Kate Slater’s The Owl and the Pussy Cat is the ultimate example. I could not care less about this poem, but there is so much here to draw you in.

Kevin Stanton’s homage to Where the Wild Things Are is so dreamy. I just want to stumble along the edges of this paper world and fall in.

I love being surprised.

Some of my favorites are those that just completely reinvent the book.

I absolutely love Quentin Blake’s artwork, but this illustration of Matilda is stunning. Chrystal Chan created this piece for the Gallery 1988’s Required Reading show in Los Angeles. It’s gorgeous, poignant, and made-you-gasp memorable.

This version of The Little Prince by Jennie Lynn Paske is so surreal. It truly feels like Le Petit Prince has landed on another planet.

Billy Nuñez’s Chinese take on Goldilocks is just right. His work has been hugely popular on the site because it feels so obvious (How Has This Not Been Done Before?) and yet, so fresh.

Dokino hails from Mongolia and gave an entirely earthy and unexpected African twist to Alice in Wonderland.

Berk Ozturk’s punk Rapunzel is funny, dark, and suggests this story could be updated for tweens and teens.

To celebrate the launch of Uncovered Cover Art, the three most popular artists will receive a copy of Show and Tell: Exploring the Fine Art of Children’s Book Illustration. If you know someone who should submit to Uncovered Cover Art, I would be delighted if you spread the word to your friends, any all other souls who are passionate about children’s books. Voting ends August 30th.


esta sketch has a tutorial showing how to create this book cover framed piece.

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