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So here is my first in this series – What’s cooking.

Over on my other blog – that I share with my brother – I post the occasional recipe – this weeks it’s Chocolate bean brownies. I know totally weird – but strangely delicious and addictive. I have been researching no-wheat and no-sugar cooking as we are trying to be healthier and eat cleaner. This is part of cutting out all processed foods and getting back to basics with our cooking and eating.

I found the original recipe at 101 cookbooks – a really great cooking blog. I tweaked the recipe quite a bit and my final version is posted here. This is a great recipe for those trying to cut out wheat or who are gluten intolerant. It is a moist dark chocolate brownie made with fiber-and-protein-rich black beans – and it’s wheat-free. Also great if you are trying to cut out sugar! They make an excellent healthy treat for kids too.

But of course being the blog hound that I am – I had to find out a bit more about using black beans in cakes and sweets. Not sure really where this recipe originates – maybe adapted from the Asian use of red bean paste in sweets. And I came upon quite a few other recipes and ideas …

  • This recipe also includes a banana and used agave nectar as the sweetener.
  • This brownie recipe adds choc chips and peppermint essence.
  • This recipe adds apple sauce and muscovada sugar as the sweetener.
  • Here is another flourless and sugarless version – using dried fruits as a sweetener. With a good explanation of the whole no-sugar thing.
  • And here is another one – with the addition of cinnamon.
  • This recipe uses a little kahlua and coconut oil
  • This one has added peanut butter. mmmm.
  • This one is a bit different – with Carob, banana and agave syrup – looks pretty good.

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