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by kath_red on 29/06/2009

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Maria Peagler, author of Color Mastery, has created two new videos about color in quilting. The first is 20 Hot New Colors for Quilters and the second (above) Using Print Fabrics in a Color Palette Read more about them here.


Thanks Kath for hosting my first stop of my Color Mastery blog tour at WhipUp! I’m an avid reader and am so excited to share my latest news with WhipUp readers. My new book, Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts, is all about helping quilters have more fun and be successful in coming up with their own color palettes for their quilts.

I’ve taught color classes to quilters and fiber artists for years, and I was frustrated by the lack of a practical book I could use in class. Before I became a mom, I was Director of Courseware Development for a large computer training company, so I decided to develop exercises, handouts, and quilt projects I could use in my color classes. I was soon spending a small fortune on paper and ink, and decided it was finally time for me to gather it all into a book.

I make an eclectic range of quilts, from funky traditional to fine art, and for a loooong time I was frustrated in coordinating colors for my quilts. I’m passionate about color and it’s the reason I’ve stayed a quilter when so many other art forms appealed to me. Quilts allow me to put color, texture, scale, line, and gorgeous design all in one piece that I can hang on my wall, keep me warm, or give to a loved one. What other art form can do that?

In these tough economic times I know a lot of quilters have resolved to use more of their fabric stash, so I’ve shot a video that shows how to coordinate six different color palettes starting from one piece of fabric – and all from your stash. I love those pre-coordinated fat quarter bundles from my local shop, and I challenged myself to develop my own gorgeous combinations from my stash, and now you can too!

[Thanks Maria for the fabulous video and for guest posting over here at whipup, I hope whipup readers enjoyed the video and will now go and delve into the stash to make lots of little bundles. Check out the rest of Maria’s blog tour – tomorrow over at Trueup.]

Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts by Maria Peagler published by Willow Ridge Press; (December 1, 2008)


bella has a great idea on crafty crow on making a colour triangle a great lesson in colour theory.


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