community – handmade olympics

Mommying, designing, playing at the park, and living-room dance parties are a part of each day for Kristal Davis. Editor of the handmade design and eco friendly blog and design studio the rikrak studio (her sustainable goodies are available in over ninety shops and galleries around the globe). Kristal and her wonderful and creative little family live in the pretty rolling hills outside of Toronto, Canada. Links to her Etsy shop and her blog.

Thanks ever-so-much for having me chit-chat about the handmade olympics, Kathreen! It’s such pleasure being part of whipup for the day- you’ve crafted such an inspiring and resourceful home for many things near and dear to my own heart. We all thank you so much for that. (and i’m THRILLED to have you on-board as a judge this year! yay!)

I LOVE a good celebration, and so it was with celebrating creating at its artsy soul, a couple of years ago an idea known as the handmade olympics was crafted.  Just like when nations gather for that ‘other’ kind of olympic fun, I thought a few weeks of cyberly cheering for handmaking would be great for all of us.

Now in its 3rd year, here’s the basic idea: Just 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Folks nominate their favourite handmade items and crafty bloggers in 7 events. It’s a wonderful way to pay homage to the works of others you love, (and make someone’s DAY by nominating them!) and to show the world what your are making, too! It’s also a wonderful way to discover amazing works by others around the globe! Just in case you needed another incentive …  there’s also $1700 worth of handmade prizes up for grabs! Nominations close 5 April. So hurry and nominate yourself and another in EACH EVENT here!
  • Step 3: Let the voting begin! On april 17th,  it’s your turn again, nicies, your chance to demonstrate your demoCRAFTic right and come VOTE for your fa