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Thanks so much to Danielle Holke from Knithacker who is joining us at Whipup today. Danielle is a digital provocateur for money by day, a resin-based jewellery maker by night and the curator of 24/7 – because the knitting never stops!

The best thing about has to be all the fascinating and curious food-inspired “knithacks” I come across. For your reference, I consider a “knithack” any non-traditional knitting or crochet (felted items count too) – could be two patterns mashed together or a project that uses fiber to make something not usually made with fiber, e.g. this knitted thyroid by Ben Cuevas.

Since launching 2008, a week has not gone by without one or two funny and inspired food-related knithacks. Here are my favourite six … with a bonus pattern at the end! It was hard to choose – there are so many good ones!

“skelly fish” Made and shared by nettness.

Presenting the … “choinkwich” Made and shared by alicia954

sushi! mmmm… Made and shared by Claire Soderstrom.

packaged ham and sausage. Made and shared by Originally uploaded and made by s.casper

it’s a threefer! Made and shared by Yummy Pancake (aka Denise Ferguson).

mini banana – free pattern! pattern by Ken of alterknit universe fame

Thanks for reading, it’s an honor to be guest blogging today. Hope you’ll join me at for more daily hacks and fiber madness.


canned crochet

by kath_red on 10/08/2010

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Pattern to make this trio of canned food by sky magenta on etsy [image below] – if you just want to try out the tinned sardines there is a free lionbrand pattern [membership required] you might want to try.


Amigurumi Watermelon Slice by Kay Farquharson – pattern here

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felt food

by kath_red on 30/09/2008

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I have a love of play food: felt, crochet, sewn – whatever its all fun and gorgeous. I was reminded of the flickr play food group while reading green kitchen blog and admiring the spaghetti and crochet meatballs. (images from flickr play food group and green kitchen)

There is a book out called My Favorite Felt Sweets by Joie Staff published by Japan Publications Trading (June 2, 2008).

This book is so sweet and luscious and fun. All the things we love about Japanese craft books – but in English! Excellent images and illustrations. The projects are very life like – from tarts and cupcakes and cookies, doughnuts and pancakes to Japanese treats like rice cakes, sweet bean buns, moon cakes and fortune cookies, as well as sweet place mats and serving mats to go with.

There is also a great holiday section – just in time for all the holidays coming up. Gingerbread and christmas cakes, petit fours and chocolates. And if that wasn’t all enough – some cute little felt boxes and containers for your treats to go into. Perfect for decorations, gifts or just for fun.