Sleepy-time baby and doll quilt

This adorable cuddly sleepy-time baby with its coordinated mini doll quilt will be loved by little girls. It’s easy to make and by adding some dried lavender to the stuffing you can help your little ones have sweet dreams.

Tools for this project
Sewing machine + sewing machine thread
Embroidery (hand stitching) needle
fabric glue
tape measure

Materials for Sleepy-time baby
20cm square piece of black felt for hair
5cm square piece of white felt for arms
Cream fabric for face 12x17cm / 4x7inches piece (x2)
Pink fabric for body 20x17cm piece (x2) 8x7inches
Scrap of polka dot fabric for scarf 3x17cm 1×7 inches (x2)
Scraps of pretty fabrics for collar + pocket
Pillow stuffing (+optional dried lavender)
Black embroidery thread for facial features

Materials for doll quilt
Scrappy strips of pretty fabric – approx 23x3cm / 9x1inches (x10)
Polka dot piece of fabric for pocket 13x13cm / 5×5 inches
Pink strip of fabric 42x4cm 16.5x 1.5inches
Unbleached or cream cotton for back – 54x42cm / 21×16.5inches
Unbleached or cream cotton for front – x6 pieces (42x17cm/ 16.5x7inches; 42x5cm/ 16.5x2inches; 42x11cm / 16.5x4inches; 23x13cm/ 9x5inches; 23x10cm / 9x4inches)
Coated hand-quilting thread

[Notes: Press seams as you go and press each piece flat before moving on to the next step.]

Sleepy-time baby
Pattern pieces for doll

Step 1. Cut out your pieces using the diagram shown above:
– cut the hair from the black felt, cut the arms from the white felt, cut the collar and pocket from scrappy pretty fabric.
– Sew together the fabric for face, the strip for the scarf and the fabric for the body (x2 for front and back of body).

Step 2. Lay out all the cut out pieces onto the body, fix them in place temporarily with small dabs of fabric glue then machine sew them.
– Attach the rounded hair piece to the back head
– Attach the fringe hair piece to the front head
– Attach the arms and collar to the front body
– Make a pocket by cutting out a pocket shape and hemming around, then attaching in position by machine.

Step.3 – Hand embroider the face details using black thread and a simple back stitch.

Step.3 – Fold the pony tails at the top to make a small pleat and pin them onto the head front, facing inwards – sew them into position.

Step 5.
– Place the front and backs right sides together, trim the top of the head to be slightly rounded.
– Pin and sew around the edges, leaving a gap at the bottom to insert the stuffing.
– Turn the body right side out through the gap at the bottom.

Step6. – Stuff the doll with your pillow stuffing until nicely filled but still soft. (Optional add a handful of dried lavender in the body stuffing.) Hand stitch the opening closed.

Now make a doll quilt to go with your sleepy-time baby.

Making the doll quilt
Pattern pieces for mini quilt

Step 1.
– Gather your materials and cut to size
– Lay out the pieces as per the diagram

Step 2.
– Sew the strips together in section 2.
– Sew the 2 long strips to the top of section 3.
– Sew section 1 and section 3 to either side of section 2.

Step 3.
– Lay the top and the back piece right sides together. Round the corners by first marking them with a small bowl and cutting with scissors.
– Pin together and sew around the edges, leaving an opening in the base.
– Turn right sides out and press. Hand stitch the opening closed.

Step 4.
– Using hand quilting thread, needle and thimble, hand quilt using a simple chunky running stitch (+ optional cross stitches).
– Run a line of stitches around the border, and a few lines along the centre, and one side. Your little quilt is now finished.


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