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Knit Green: 20 Projects and Ideas for Sustainability By Joanne Seiff. Published by Wiley (October, 2009)

I Love the intro to this book, where the author explains that she is a moderate greenie, someone interested in making small changes in their life – I certainly can relate to that. For many of us making big changes like ‘going off the grid’ or only eating locally produced food is but a dream. But making small incremental changes is possible, like eating locally produced food and buying sustainable produced products where we can – every little bit helps. And if you are a crafter then you are already taking this step by making things with your hands instead of buying sweatshop produced items where you can. This books goes a little towards helping the crafter make wiser and more educated choices about the yarns they use in their making.

As well as fresh projects and patterns, like recycled yarn knitted curtains, and hemp floor cushions, there are some nice variations on classic designs like babies blanket and beanies – all using recycled, sustainable or fair trade produced yarns. Along side the projects their are some non-preachy interesting essays on why you should support biodiversity and buy from local farms that use sustainable practices. Find out why organic cotton and sustainable hemp are becoming more popular and why they are ideal as hard wearing yarns – plus they are soft and lovely next to the skin. And learn how to recycle fabrics and garments into usable yarns – and then what to make with them!

[There are a couple of free projects available – the hemp placemats and the Bermuda bag … Knit green is available as an ebook download … and don’t forget to read Joanne’s blog]


Do away with plastic wrap and sew your own reusable bowl covers. Such a nifty idea. Link to tutorial.


brassy apple has started a series on remaking (re-using/refashioning) t-shirts – first in the series are these fab kids backpacks.


book: Eco Craft

by kath_red on 31/05/2009

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Eco Craft: Recycle Recraft Restyle by Susan Wasinger. Lark Books (March 3, 2009).

Eco craft, refashioning, upcycling, recycling – this is the really exciting thing about crafting – you have a chance to re-use materials and not waste a thing – “one man’s rubbish is another man’s raw materials”…

This book shows us some ingenious and unusual methods and projects – how to transform trash into useful household objects.

Projects include a recycled sweater rug – knitted using sweaters that have been cut into inch wide strips. Using a six-pack plastic holder to make a screen (just a bit of ironing to shape and flatten the plastic) – it is surprisingly pretty! Papier mache bowls, wood mosaic planter and a CD case towel rack.

I quite liked the coffee bag and duct tape tote for something really quite cool and original. The bamboo trays are also very cool – sustainable bamboo is a eco friendly product and easily purchased from most gardening shops if you don’t happen to have some growing nearby.

There are lots of projects and lots of ingenious uses for these materials – inner tyres, plastic takeaway containers, plastic shopping bags – ironed into fabric which can then be sewn into all sorts of things, tin cans and jars and even paper bags get turned into lighting – but two of my favourite projects are – first a suitcase ottoman and second a wood and knitted clothes hanger.

There is so much in this book for the recycling fiend – lots of fun – not all the projects are exactly practical – but so many good ideas.


Betz White blog tour

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Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed & Organic Materials

Betz White is going blog hopping on her blog tour to promote her new book – sewing green. Whipup will be one stop on the tour – its already started so quick – catch up. (don’t you just love the front cover – that is Betz’s beautiful niece)

Friday 3 April – The Purl Bee – Review and signing announcement
Monday 6 April – True Up – Q&A, book giveaway
Tuesday 7 April – U-Handbag – Review, book giveaway
Wednesday 8 April – Craftzine – Project excerpt, book giveaway and Q&A
Thursday 9 April – This is love forever – Furoshiki, book giveaway
Friday 10 April – Knotions – Thrift Shop Savvy for knits: book giveaway
Monday 13 April – Craftypod – Review and book giveaway
Tuesday 14 April – Crafting a Green World – Review and book giveaway
Wednesday 15 April – Freshly Blended – Review and book giveaway
Thursday 16 April – Etsy Storque – Announcement of Etsy Lab Tyvek Tote project
Friday 17 April- Make Grow Gather – Q&A, book giveaway
Tuesday 21 April – Philly Etsy – Review, Q and A, book giveaway
Wednesday 22 April – Whip Up – Applique tips and tricks: book giveaway (that’s us – stay tuned)
Thursday 23 April – Wardrobe Refashion – Thrift Shop Savvy for sewing: book giveaway
Monday 27 April – Morsbags – Review and giveaway
Tuesday 28 April – Heart Handmade – Inspiration and ideas, Book giveaway
Wednesday 29 April – House on Hill Road – Eco-friendly lunch, book giveaway
Thursday 30 April – Craftsanity – Q & A, book giveaway

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