end of the year

Looking back at the year, time to reflect. All up a good year — what about you? Major events, changes, projects?

It was a year of ups and downs for me. I wrote a book, made 12 (make that 14) quilts, wrote two book proposals, published 5 issues of Action Pack magazine, dreamed and planned for our trip away (a year of travel 2013 — read about it here). I had a minor melt down, my daughter grew taller than me, I read lots of books, I turned 41 … I crocheted, I sewed, I cooked, I blogged, I parented, I gardened … mostly a good year.

Looking back at the year through the eyes of whipup.net: — the highlights … a year of real life

January 2012 — a month of tutorials, controversy and taking it slowly – this was my 2012 welcome letter

February 2012 – a month of quilts and science and crochet

March 2012 – A bit of this and that – Fabric, knitting and crochet

April 2012 – family and kids and social media and balance

May 2012 – Real life and creativity

June 2012 – A really full month of creativity

July 2012 – Creativity, and real life discussion

August 2012 – a month of this and that — slowing down, romance, quilting and knitting

September 2012 – knitting designers, and truth

October 2012 – more knitting and even a quilt
November 2012 – Eco home and knitting


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