Plush you: Fiber Arctic opened 12 June, Schmancy’s Arctic fiber artists – with an environmental theme – fiber and plush artists (using the delicate art of embroidery and needle felting) look at the effects waste in our society has had on the Arctic.

Artists include Jenny Hart, Vivienne Strauss, Coco Howard, Moxie, Heidi Kenney, Nicole Licht, and Becky Stern – and more [images from Nicole Licht (right) and Heidi Kenney (left)]


Nicky Hepburn, Cuttlefish, Seed Pods, Galls II, Bark, 2007, cuttlefish, found seed pods, steel, tree bark. From the NETS Victoria touring exhibition, Walk, on show at Burnie Regional Gallery until 14 September. Image courtesy the artist. Photograph by Terence Bogue.

Walk presents the work of eight Australian artists – Peter Corbett, Vicki Couzens, Nicky Hepburn, Brian Laurence, Jan Learmonth, Carmel Wallace, Ilka White and John Wolseley. At the heart of this exhibition is a 250 kilometre trek along the Great South West Walk, an increasingly endangered natural environment cradled in the far south-west corner of Victoria. For three weeks, this group of artists walked through forest and river, estuary and bay to create work in response to their experience of an ever-shifting environment.”

“Art expressing its relation to land, this exhibition is an invitation to discover what new meanings we are making of this place – to figure our relationship to the land, understand how the connections between inhabitant and eco-system may be meaningfully re-established.”

Walk is a NETS Victoria touring exhibition that features around 40 works of contemporary art, craft, sound and video art. The show tours to Burnie Regional Gallery (TAS) 15 August 2008 – 14 September 2008, Riddoch Art Gallery (SA) 18 October 2008 – 30 November 2008, Flinders University Art Museum (SA) 6 February 2009 – 20 March 2009 and Bunbury Regional Art Galleries (WA) 2 May – 16 June 2009

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Guerrilla gardening is a form of nonviolent direct action. The gardens are planted on an abandoned piece of land which they do not own to grow crops or plants. Guerrilla gardeners wish to reclaim land from neglect or misuse and assign a new purpose to it.

important: Always try to use native seeds! Not native species can be invasive and harmful to the surrounding eco-system. (from the Toronto guerrilla gardening group)

more: inhabitat article on guerrilla gardening : join the guerrilla gardening pool : check out guerillagardening.org for events and tips : read primal seeds :: and you grow girls adventures in street gardening : Brussels farmer : green guerrillas educate – advocate and organise for community gardens :

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Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor who makes site-specific installations using natural and found objects to create temporary (and sometimes permanent) sculptures.

Through the careful selection and arrangement of items readily found in nature, Goldsworthy creates installations in the natural environment that last from only a few moments to several years. The tools of his trade are his own two hands; his media are stones, sticks, leaves, sand, feathers, snow, ice, or whatever the natural environment offers him. Fixing his fragile compositions in place are thorns, water, ice, and gravity itself. His results are amazing. from University of Michegan Museum of Art

There is a flickr group dedicated to his work and to others work who have been inspired by him.

Andy Goldsworthy, Woven bamboo, windy…, Before the Mirror 1987

Andy Goldsworthy, Sheepfold MI87, Tilberthwaite Glen, Cumbria, Photographer: Dave Mulligan Picture by nvmdigital.com

was at Yorkshire Sculpture park 31 March 2007 – 6 January 2008 – Cow dung on window


The natural art and environmental art pools on flickr are a treasure trove of inspiration.

flower squiggle from piperkinsvater flickr user

leaf circle from JRT Pickle flickr user

grass skirt from crows_in_trees flickr user.

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