fabric flower tutorial

Today I would like to welcome Jessica Fediw to whipup, Jessica blogs at Happy Together. There you can find all kind of tutorials and free patterns.

I love to create especially by sewing and crocheting, and also have an Etsy shop. With that said, I am always looking for ways to use up scrap fabrics, even the tiniest bits are hard for me to let go of. So one day I remembered some bows I had made a while back and figured that I could do the same with fabric. Guess what? It worked! And I like it :)

Fabric bows tutorial:

What you need:
-Scrap Fabric (for the one I created for my daughter specifically you will need 8 pieces of .5″x4″ and 5 pieces of .5″x4″)
-Hot glue gun
-Something for the center (a button; fabric yoyo; fabric rosette)
-Piece of felt for back
-Optional: pin back or hair clip

1. Cut out your pieces. You can add as many as you like to make it “poofier” or make the layers longer to make it larger, etc. I also starched and ironed them.
2. Glue the short ends of each piece together to create a loop, wrong sides facing.
3. Glue two of the long pieces together, right across from each other.
4. Continue to glue on the rest of the long pieces evenly.
5. Then glue on the shorter top pieces. I just filled in the spaces of the bottom ones for an even look.
6. Glue on the center piece of your choice.. I added a button to this one, but you could add a fabric rosette or yoyo like I did on the other ones below.
7. Use a round object (such as the bottom of a glue bottle) to trace onto the felt. Cut it out and glue it on the bottom of the bow to cover up the glued pieces.
8. Glue on a pin back or hair clip if desired.

Now you can clip it into a little cuties hair or add it to a card or a present!