fashion plates

New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology’s flickr account (FITNY) is full of images from their archives. I love the Jerry Miller collection and the Bonnie Cashin sketch collection. Thanks to where the lovely things are to pointing me there.

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I am loving these historic fashion plates [The [new] 19th century Fashion Plate Collection consists of 475 images hosted by Claremont Colleges Digital Library in California] found at Bibliodyssey.

Archery dress: The woman on the left wears a green archery dress with full skirts, a large, pointed, white lace collar and long sleeves with double puffs at the shoulders. A gold and green tassel hangs from one side of the belt, while an ornate gold and green hip quiver holding several white, feather-tipped arrows hangs from the other. The woman on the right wears a blue and white archery dress with a high, lacy collar and a short, sheer apron. The bodice and sleeves are extremely ornate and reminiscent of a doublet.

Carriage dress: A pink bonnet with a large feather plume and bias striped edging.Her large multi-colored shawl is light blue with pink, yellow, and white in the paisley and floral pattern, and has wide fringe edging the hem.

Court dress: The low, square neck is edged in pink ribbon and two rows of white lace. Three columns of pink chevrons decorate the bodice. The skirt is sprigged with pink and has a wide border of puffed, ruched white fabric striped with pink and interspersed with pink rosettes.

Dinner and walking dresses: The woman on the left wears a white dinner dress with a peach bodice and trim. The skirt has three ruffled tiers and the collar is a high, lace ruff. The woman on the right wears an empire waist long, blue walking dress.The hem and vertical seam are edged with blue and white diagonal stripes, and each gold button is set off with a band of blue that matches those of the cuffs. The dress has a small, blue capelet trimmed in darker blue.

Dress with apron: An empire waist dress of black fabric patterned with a small yellow and white design. Her sleeves are tight and end at the elbow. She wears a white apron tied below the bust and a soft pink and white plaid kerchief wrapped around her shoulders and tucked under the apron.

Fashions: The woman on the left faces away and wears a green bonnet, a green and black striped dress, and a black, green and red shawl. The shawl has a black background with wide red edging, and has large red and green plant designs. The woman on the right wears a white lace cap with a red flower and green leaves, and red and green trimming at the hem.